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Michael Markman graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in History. In his younger years, he ran wild; reciting poetry on the streets.

Ebola Zaire Found in Guinea and Liberia

There are two stories here, really, because the virus outbreak in Liberia and Guinea may be contained, or there may be another ecological disaster going on under everyone's noses.
Chile earthquakes since 1570

The Great Shakedown

Earthquakes have been found to have a link to fracking, but it isn't just about fracking and the research has been out there for a long time. The research point not just to fracking, but mining, geothermal projects, and reservoir construction. All
sleeper agent

Portrait of a Sleeper Agent

Michael Markman reviews Sleeper Agent's new Album, About Last Night. It also includes their next upcoming tour date...

‘Retired’ Atlantis Embarks New Mission of Inspiring New Generations

As the Space Shuttle Program comes to and end the Shuttle is given a new home at Kennedy Space Center's Visitor Center.
2012 WHY AURORA TRIBUTE, by Michael Pohrer

‘Med School Mental Breakdown’ Pushes James Holmes To Kill

We all fail life's IQ test from time to time, and I truly doubt Mr. Holmes will be mentally or emotionally brave enough to understand what he has done. I could go more in depth talking about the guys booby trapped house, and his life, but...

The High Cost of Fracking

Results of Fracking, based on results of Oklahoma Geological Service, EPA, United States Geological Service reports, all suggest Fracking is a bad idea.

Caloric Restriction Leads to Longer Life

This research goes further to try and attempt to pin point the amounts of various hormones found at higher or lower levels within the body of the animals in question.