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Dr. Brian Metters is the Chairman of Trustees and Co-Founder of Nepal Schools Aid, a UK registered charity supporting education development in Nepal. His role is to develop and implement the overall strategy from fundraising to the creation of strategic partnerships to improve the quality of education in Kathmandu primary schools.

Nepal Democracy, Citizenship & Corruption.

A reply to a most motivational email from a Nepali student abroad. He asks for advice, and gets it!

Dear Comrade Prachanda; I have found your manifesto!

Although I'm somewhat disappointed I'm certainly not downhearted as I'm sure you do read my letters and understand I only want what's best for the people of Nepal.

Dear Dr Bhattrai (I hope Comrade Gadha soon recovers)

A second letter to Nepal, slightly tongue in cheek, but all true!

Dear Mr Koirala & Comrade Prachanda

An open letter to the two main political leaders in Nepal

Nepalese Maoists:Democrats or just simply killers?

In the battleground of 'the interim constitution' the ordinary Nepali could be forgiven for having no idea about what the main protagonists stand for, especially the Maoists.

Kathmandu Diary: From Dr. Ason

Saturday, and today is 'Holi' day so my factory is closed. Having woken up early I decide to go for a walk around Swayambhu, then realise that I can't!

Nepal: Who Will Lead This Nation?

The tiny Himalayan kingdom of Nepal is fast approaching failed nation status. Gripped by strikes, demonstrations and various demands for federalism, where is the leadership desperately needed?

Rana or Maoists, What’s The Difference?

I bought a book on Maoism. 'Why have you bought that' my wife asked. 'I am trying hard to understand what these people stand for' I said. 'You don't need that book' she said, 'remember the Rana, that's what they are like'