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BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Association) professional member and award-winning, British born and fluent in Spanish, Liz Rodriguez has worked in the entertainment industry most of her life. Predominantly based between Los Angeles and London, with contacts globally, Liz Rodriguez has a portfolio of clients for personal or corporate marketing, branding and PR, as well as full service event management and production. As a feature film publicist, she boasts over 50 film credits to date. She enjoys working with today’s rising stars, and tomorrow’s future faces of entertainment.

Internationally Liz has supervised, and orchestrated, events and press placements all over the world including the Middle East (Dubai, Qatar, Abu Dhabi), Europe, Egypt, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia. Aside from her working career, Liz is an active supporter of many LA-based charities including Dogs for the Deaf, St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, and volunteers her time to Make A Film Foundation, an organization that grants film wishes to children with serious or life-threatening medical conditions.

Follow Liz: EMR Media (est. 2004) www.emrmedia.com – Instagram @iamLizRodriguez – Facebook: www.facebook.com/emrmedia

Johny Pach

Exclusive Interview with TV Personality and Presenter Johny Pach

Established British TV personality and presenter Johny Pach grew up camera ready. The trained journalist studied Journalism, Film Production, and Performing Arts at the...
Alexander James Rodriguez photo credit: Lee Gumbs

Alexander James Rodriguez Drops Second Single ‘Your Smile’

Teen sensation, Alexander James (AJ) Rodriguez has dropped his second single 'Your Smile' produced by hitmaker Laney Stewart, and singer-songwriters Tiana Kocher, Liz Rodriguez,...
LWM Photo

Rob Tyler’s Releasing ‘The Last White Man’

Rob Tyler's neo-noir urban-crime drama 'The Last White Man', starring Brian Lally, Jenna Guercio, Edwardo Keaton, Antonio Rosales, and Staci Stewart is being released...
FWU. Photo courtesy of Tiana Kocher

Tiana Kocher Drops FWU Music Video

Tiana Kocher has dropped her latest contemporary RnB smash hit single, 'FWU', which she wrote with Alex Jacke, Kelsey Merges, and Rikki Randall. The...
streets of syndicate

Streets of Syndicate, Ohio – Out August 11

Random Media is releasing the female-led crime-thriller feature film 'Streets of Syndicate, Ohio', on-demand and on all digital platforms on August 11, 2020.Directed by...
Mike L Whaley

Mike L. Whaley Chats Filming Commercials During COVID-19

On March 13 - actors all over the United States, union and non-union, received the same deafening email from SAG/AFTRA - that was so...
Photo Credit: Lee Gumbs

Alexander James Rodriguez Releases My Crew

alexander james rodriguez releases My Crew single
Incident at Guilt Ridge – Courtesy of Random Media

‘Incident at Guilt Ridge’ Rides Out July 7

Director Joe Cornet's second action western feature-film, Incident at Guilt Ridge starring Joe Cornet, Curt Lambert, Buddy Clements, Vitta Quinn, and Kelsey Bohlen is...
Intolerance No More

‘Intolerance No More’ Hits The Streets September

The Film Deals with the Topic of Police Brutality Random Media has acquired EMMY award-winner Sergio Guerrero Garzafox's (A Day Without a Mexican) drama-thriller film...
No Turning Back. NTB - Courtesy of Random Media

‘No Turning Back’ Lands June 22

The award-winning drama sci-fi film 'No Turning Back', starring Joseph Wycoff, Caroline Muller, Grace Goulter, and Kelaan Schloffel-Armstrong will release via Random Media on-demand...
Film still of Oliver Robins in Celebrity Crush

Stardom for ‘Celebrity Crush’ May 26

Random Media is releasing the horror film 'Celebrity Crush' starring Oliver Robins (Spielberg's Poltergeist), Alissa Schneider (Paying Mr. McGetty), Melissa McNerney (Fingers), Jonathan D....
Fame Ish_ Still Courtesy of Random Media

Finally Celeb Status for ‘Fame-Ish’ May 12

Romantic comedy 'Fame-Ish' is being released on May 12 via Random Media. The feature film stars EMMY-award winner Jeff Nimoy (Fox kids: Digimon), TV...
Double Belgian Townsend Ambrecht Courtesy of Random Media

Cheers to ‘Double Belgian’ Releasing April 14

The craft beer comedy Double Belgian, starring Townsend Ambrecht, Nikolay Moss, Julia Conley, Dexter Masland and Mary Hilliard is releasing via Random Media. The...
ARFON, courtesy of Random Media

A Room Full of Nothing Releases – April 21

Romantic comedy-drama film 'A Room Full of Nothing', starring Ivy Meehan and Duncan Coe film will release on-demand and on all digital platforms via...
Jean Consolation

‘Wretch’ Preview Release

Random Media is releasing the horror-thriller film 'Wretch', starring Martin L. Washington, Jr. (Alaska Is a Drag), Shannon Conley (Cutie Honey), Joe Rooney (Monged),...
InnerCityRats Still

Crime Comedy ‘Inner City Rats’ Out Now

Random Media is releasing the dark comedy crime film, 'Inner City Rats', starring rapper Radamiz, Cameron "Madwiz" Pierre, Sean Stolzen, Luis Patino, Connor Dylan,...
Photo credit: Lee Gumbs

‘Don’t Trip’ from Tiana Kocher Out Now

New music is finding its way through the COVID-19 pandemic as people look for new ways of entertainment whilst staying at home. On April...
Official film poster - Hoaxed

Hoaxed: Gets Reveal Date of March 10

Random Media is releasing the documentary feature film HOAXED, on-demand and on all digital platforms on March 10, 2020.Produced by Mike Cernovich, HOAXED deconstructs...
Tiana Kocher. Photo Courtesy of Tiana Kocher

Recording Artist Tiana Kocher Drops ‘BOI’

Mainstream hip-hop singer-songwriter, Tiana Kocher has dropped her latest single 'BOI' through record label Manila Music on Valentine's Day.'BOI', which Kocher co-wrote with record...
sci-fi documentary film "2030."

Futurist Fereidoum M. Esfandiary (FM-2030) Docu-Film Release

The sci-fi documentary film "2030," featuring director Johnny Boston's thrilling chronicle of the reanimation of famed futurist FM-2030, will be released on-demand and on...