Sunday, January 21, 2018
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Lancelot Tucker is a book author and writer living in Jamaica. He hopes to break into screenwriting someday. He can be found on social media at, and

6 Helpful Tips to Buy Car Parts at Affordable Prices

Buying auto parts today can be a tricky deal, especially if you do not understand how the market functions. However, knowing what to loof and expect can give you an edge.

Dental Health For a Healthier ‘You’

Today, dentists are necessary to promote a healthy environment.Therefore, seeing a dentist once in a while can help you stay health and disease free.

Get the Protection you need at a Motorcycle Gear Store

Riding a motorcycle can be fun, yet dangerous. You need to properly protect yourself by riding with the proper gear such as a helmet, gloves and so on.

New Microsoft Windows 10 Feature Boosts Wi-Fi Security Keys

Microsoft Windows is at it again as they engage in their new strategy in boosting business security. Already some business on the internet are taking advantage of this innovative move that the company is making towards making the internet a safer pl

Prominent Casting Company Looking for White People to Talk on Discrimination

A documentary is about to be filmed about whites who are suffering from discrimination and casting company Punched in the Head has the responsibility to find white people who experienced being discriminated against.

Fraudsters still Making Big Money in Online Banking Fraud

As online bank fraud increases, the authorities are warning the public to take proper precautionary measures in order to protect themselves from being swindled.

E-Cigarette Advertising Gets a Boost In the UK

Recently, The Committee of Advertising Practice in the UK gave e-cigarette sellers the go ahead to increase advertisement of the e-product, which in turn will boost the e-cig market.

Is VoIP right for Businesses?

VoIP is on the move and businesses are gearing up to meet demand and supply in the marketplace. Yet, many wonder if VoIP is the right service for business expansion.