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Brij Sharma is an Indian journalist and editor based in Bahrain. Brij tells us the interesting stories we don’t usually hear from the middle east country.

Bahrain Had an Iranian Financial Trojan Horse.

Bahrain Had an Iranian Financial Trojan Horse

An Iranian bank set up in Bahrain in 2004 as a joint venture between Bahrain's Al Ahli Bank and Iran's Bank Melli and Bank...
iran arms

Iran Arms Supplies to Thugs in Bahrain Alarming

The Gulf Cooperation Council efforts to contain Iran-inspired insurgency in Yemen are reaching the boiling point. Just last week Saudi Arabia announced they...
iran and qatar.

Bahrain Blasts Tehran Machinations

It's official. Qatar is co-operating with the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to promote "extremism and terrorism" in the region. For the first time Bahrain's Interior...
global basij terrorist network.

Iran: Fighter for Others’ Rights, Crusher at Home

It is a paradox of the political landscape of the Middle East that while a virtually failed state like Iran tends to take up...
iran ballistic missiles

Never Underestimate Iran’s Nefarious Intentions

Iran certainly is a headache for the world at large. US President Donald Trump has all along been unhappy with the deal cut by...
issa qassim, bahrain insurgents leader.

Bahrain Insurgents Caught in Their Own Web

"Vandals prefer jail terms to paying fines." One looks at this headline in the day's newspaper in Bahrain and realises the reference is to...
ali bin mohammed al romaih.

Qatar Media Provocations Continue

While Iran has its own reasons - including fitful claims on Bahrain by a section of its leading figures, the latest on February 8...
bahrain pipeline destroyed.

7 Years on, Bahrain Continues to Face Iran-Backed Insurgency

Bound as they are by the treaty the Shah of Iran signed in 1970, relinquishing any claim on Bahrain, the ayatollahs have always remained...
qatar foreign affairs.

Qatar Would Tell Lies to Anyone Willing to Listen

Khalid bin Mohammed Al Attiyah, Defence Minister of Qatar, the Gulf country facing sanctions and blockade of airspace by the Arab Quartet of Saudi...
bahrain report.

Iran-Backed Militants in Bahrain Getting Smarter

Time was when the ground forces of Iranian-supported anti-government cells in Bahrain would send out foot soldiers with stones and Molotov cocktails to...
qatar fifa stadium.

Frustrated Qatar Resorts to Misadventures

Bluster has not paid off in the case of Qatar. Nor has the hoard of sovereign funds. The Iranian embraces have translated into little...
houthi ballistic missile fired towards saudi arabia.

Iran Needs More Than a Rap on Knuckles

Even as the demonstrations in Iran continue despite its rulers being in denial with claims they have subsided, Tehran has been caught in a...
looking over qatar.

Bahrain Conference Exposes Qatar’s Ugly Face

Was Qatar ever a brother to the other five constituents of the Gulf Cooperation Council of which it was the sixth arm? The...
obama and rouhani.

Tehran’s Sins, Like Chickens, Coming Home to Roost

Iran is burning. It is the same fire the mullahs have been lighting and fuelling over many decades wherever they saw adversaries among neighbouring...
gulf football cup.

Football Might Help Restore GCC Unity

It was on June 5 that Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Egypt decided to boycott Qatar for a number of...
burning tyres in bahrain.

Bahrain Maligned by Rights Body’s Aberrations

A report issued by the London-based Amnesty International in September levelled a string of allegations against Bahrain, questioning its track record on the score...
qatar emir hamad al thani.

GCC Unity Essential to Checkmate Iran Games

With its feet now firmly planted on Qatari sands, Iran is now brazenly trying to turn into a bigger menace for Gulf Cooperation Council...
ashura in bahrain. Terror Scourge Continues to Haunt Bahrain.

Terror Scourge Continues to Haunt Bahrain

Just when it looked like the subversive activity and terror attacks in Bahrain had tapered off and waned, the island kingdom was jolted last...
arab league debate over qatar terror link.

Bahrain Seeks Action Against Rogue States

After having suffered for a number of years at the hands of Iran-backed thugs, terrorists and trouble-makers the tiny kingdom of Bahrain has lately...
king hamad global centre.

Bahrain’s Big Step for Peace, Freedom

Much odium has been inflicted on Bahrain in the past for all the wrong reasons by way of its rights record and about its...