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M. R. Josse is a writer on Nepal and the author of Nepal: Politics of Statemate, Confusion and Uncertainty and Nepali Politics 2002-03: Gotterdammerung, The Twilight of the Gods.

Cock-Eyed and Jaundiced Criticism of Nepal by United Nations

There has been the predictable flurry of knee-jerk criticism of HMG's recent decision to enforce a ban on protest rallies and processions, as well as curfew, in specific locations within Kathmandu Valley...

Maoists Attack Nepal, SPA and International Community Deafeningly Silent

As many anticipated, the Maoists, clearly invigorated by four months of rest, recovery, recruitment and recuperation unleashed fierce attacks on unarmed police personnel.

Sense From Across The Seven Seas

It's not too often that one notes in Western, or American, writing on Nepal any degree of maturity, much less sympathy, for her acute existential concerns or anxieties.

Straight Shooting by Dr Giri on Nepal’s National Political Situation

In an nearly hour-long tour de force on Nepal's national political situation on Tuesday, Vice-Chairman Dr Tulsi Giri, did what he is well known for: shooting straight and hard...

Counterbalancing China – East Asian Summit Begins

No one yet knows what exactly the forum stands for, or even when it will convene again. Malaysia says that it will be a strategy-focused organisation with a wide geopolitical view
opinions, ideas.

A Most Sinister Proposal Against Nepal

Without doubt, one of the most objectionable aspects of the pact between the Seven Party Alliance and the Maoists of November 22 is the proposal...

Doubts, Suspicions on Nepali SPA-Maoist Pact

A rash of doubts, suspicions and ambiguities have begun to dog the 12-point pact between the Seven Party Alliance (SPA) and the Maoists..

A Bountiful Diplomatic Harvest for Nepal

Since the UN constitutes a central focus of our foreign policy, the increased African/UN profile must, thus, be considered as a valuable asset. Kudos, clearly, are due our King.

Shady Delhi Dealings

No wonder, then, that strange, even absurd, developments are taking place or have transpired recently in Delhi.