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M. R. Josse is a writer on Nepal and the author of Nepal: Politics of Statemate, Confusion and Uncertainty and Nepali Politics 2002-03: Gotterdammerung, The Twilight of the Gods.

Back in Washington, Meetings Galore

Nepali Correspondent M.R. Josse recounts his travels to Washington DC and meetings to talk about the current state of Nepal and its place in the world.

SPAM Combo’s Zany Adventures in Blunderland

The quaint world of SPAM 'loktantrik' governance was put on Full Monty last week for all and sundry to marvel at.

Nepal: Disappointments and Tragi-Comedy of SPAM Governance

If ever proof were required to demonstrate how sloppily the brave new world of SPAM governance is operating merely recall the tragi-comedy of the developments of the past week.

BP’s Precepts Being Cast Aside When Most Needed

It is a crying shame that B.P. Koirala's sage, visionary insights into matters political are being ignored if not brusquely cast aside, paradoxically even by his own party and brother Prime Minister, Girija Prasad Koirala.

Nepal: Inconclusive Peace Negotiations and Beyond

Are the much-heralded peace negotiations between the SPA, led by Prime Minister Koirala, and the Maoists, steered by Prachanda, headed South - despite five rounds of high visibility talks at the apex level...

Coup and Calm in Bangkok Concern in Kathmandu!

In a revealing insight into Nepal's surreal political atmosphere, the bizarre spectacle of a bloodless military coup d'etat in Thailand was taken calmly in Bangkok but generated an angry fury in Kathmandu.
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Citizenship en Masse: Playing With Demographic Fire

Minister Hridesh Tripathy of the Nepal Sadbhavana Party (Anandi) was in an understandably exultant mood the other day...
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A Perfect Or Gathering Storm Looms Menacingly Ahead for Nepal

There is simply no mistaking the ominous signs on the political horizon: in Hollywood terms, a 'perfect storm' looms menacingly ahead.

UN-Maoist Equation: Changed Dynamics

Earlier this week it was announced that UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan had appointed Ian Martin as his personal representative in Nepal for support of the peace process
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Moriarty Missile: Backdrop and Fallout

Last Wednesday, American Ambassador James F Moriarty speaking at a public forum in Kathmandu, fired a political missile whose fallout is yet to be fully assessed.
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Diplomats’ Eloquent Silence and Growing SPA/Maoist Discord

There was understandable hoopla generated by the first round of formal talks last Friday between the SPA government and the Maoists, wherein a 25-point code of conduct was agreed upon.

US Will Oppose Maoist Takeover of Nepal: Boucher

US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, Richard Boucher outlined the cardinal features of America's Nepal policy in the current situation.

Nepal’s strategic balance

For many, Nepal is synonymous with the Himalayas. While that probably constitutes the best enticement for the foreign visitor, her uncomfortable location between India and China is no less striking.

Is India re-thinking support for Nepali Maoists?

In the din and mayhem of the continuing violent protests in Kathmandu as elsewhere - ostensibly spearheaded by the SPA but, in reality, driven by the Maoists their new comrades-in-arms...

Rumblings in SPAM Utopia: Precursor to what?

Bizarre happenings are taking place in the SPAM world - one half composed of a seven-party conglomeration led by the political Gods who failed democracy and the other of foreign-inspired revolutionaries who have launched a bloody ten year-plus war a

India: Shining, Rising Or Seething ?

Days after American President George W Bush departed India and a week before the Hindu festival of Holi, three bombs took a toll of 23 human lives and left 68 injured in Varanasi.

SPAM Makes Political Ground Tremble Beneath SPA Feet

Clearly, the political ground beneath the SPA's feet has begun to tremble. The tremor, as you might have guessed, began with US Ambassador Moriarty's belated assault on the 12-point SPAM pact...

Democracy, Freedom in Nepal Must be for Nepalese, not for India...

Dear President Bush, I write this even as you are, so to speak, packing your bags for your 'historic' visit to India and Pakistan in the near future.

Prachanda tempts SPA, blasts King and America

Maoist supremo Prachanda revealed something of his mind in an exclusive interview to Kathmandu Post/Kantipur dailies published significantly enough on 7 February, a day before the municipal polls...

Fallout From Fallon’s Flying Visit to Nepal

Any way one assesses the flying visit of Admiral Fallon, there is simply no escaping its multi-faceted fallout.