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Jayne Yenko is a freelance writer based in Wyoming, who writes about science and education. She can be reached through her website at JayneYenko.wordpress.com

Vitamin D Helps Reduce The Risk of Developing Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal cancer is a silent killer. Learn how you can reduce your risks of developing this disease.

US Postal Service to Close Half of Country’s Current Post Offices

The Postal Service claims the Internet is to blame for lack of revenue, yet some of the rural areas where post offices have been closed do not have Internet access. While the Postal Service is primarily funded by the sale of postage, it has only bee

The New Super Heroes

In a show with the name of 'Sweatermen' the American cowboy is represented by several creations. One is called Sweaterman, another the Rawhide Kid, and one the Two-Gun Kid. During his show, Newport will wear some of his costumes.

How Teachers Dress Influences Their Students

Teachers provide role models for their students. How teachers dress is important to show their professionalism.