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The International Institute for Islamic Studies writes articles about islam and how it interacts with the world, often poking holes in false beliefs.

Deadlock in The Middle East and Western Responsibility

The German Chancellor's address to the American Congress last November gives an exact measure of why the Middle East question, with the Palestinian problem at its core, is in such deadlock.

Jemaah Islamiyah – Critical Discussion of Tactics and Threats

The concept of using violence to achieve a certain aim is not new. A prime example is the tactics used by the Mongol armies in their conquest. However, the use of such tactics would not be classified as terrorism.

The Costs of Occupation

The Israeli left often talks of the moral cost of the ongoing Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

Hezbollah Reloaded: Squib Load Or Live Round?

Anyone who thinks Hezbollah is just an Israeli problem is fooling himself. And anyone who thinks Iran's VEVAK and Revolutionary Guards are not active outside the Middle East is terribly wrong.

Saudi Arabia and Interfaith Dialogue

Last week members of different faiths gathered in Geneva to continue the interfaith dialogue initiated by Saudi King Abdullah in November 2007 when he visited the Vatican and met Pope Benedict XVI.