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Anne Howard is a writer and publicist, who writes about the entertainment and high tech industries.


Brief Intro to Social Media Releases (SMRs)

A traditional press release reveals something new in a 'pitch'. It announces to the public items of interest such as a new product, service, the opening of a new office, a new partnership, or other type of commercial activity.

Reality Digital Launches ‘Harmony’ Social Media Platform

'Reality Digital Harmony was the only solution that delivered a rich set of tools that could help our members to connect, share content, and invite members from other social networks.
Quik Pod DSLR handheld camera system.

Quik Pod(R) DSLR Handheld Camera System For The Pro in All

Attach your camera or camcorder to the quick release camera mount and extend the sectional rods to touch the ground for support.
Peter Leeds

Oxford Researchers Report on Stock Touting Campaigns

The folly of investing your hard earned dollars into penny stocks discovered thanks to e-mail spam campaigns grows apparent with new information.
Nepal monastery

Friends Beyond Borders Offers Free Live Look Into Exotic Lives

The founders were intrigued by the explosion of webcams worldwide, and the latest technological improvements that make live streaming video available even in hostile environments like the Arctic and Papua New Guinea.
Midnite film

Film Director Gregory Puts Bounty Monies on Rosie

Film director of The Kentucky Fried Horror Show, offers Rosie O'Donnell one million dollars to keep silent until the end of her contract with ABC on The View.
angelina jolie and brad pitt adopt vietnamese baby. Image by waldryano from Pixabay

Jolie and Pitt to Adopt A Dynamic Vietnamese Boy

A Vietnamese adoption agency reports that actress Angelina Jolie and husband Brad Pitt are adopting a boy between the age of three and four years old.
Tomb of Jesus

Academy Winner of ‘Titanic’ James Cameron Navigates ‘The Lost Tomb of...

Titanic director and Academy winner James Cameron Sinking Christianity as we know it - at the very least shaking its foundation.
Hero poster

Hot Not So Hour Film Stew

With the astronomical cost of shooting a film in Hollywood continuing to rise, more and more film production companies are looking for new destinations to cut down on expenses.

Chinawood- Hot but not so Sour Shooting Destination

Since 1996, the Studios have built hundreds of sets, which include a replica of the Forbidden City (100 acres) and are home to the production of some 50 films/TV dramas every year.

It’s A Wrap!

A dispute started when a boutique talent agency owned decided to fight a New York-based entertainment management giant over commissions owed
Underground bounty hunter

Underground Bounty Hunter: The Bounty Just Got Bigger

When was the last time you watched a feature film or played an Internet game and came out of the experience with a cash prize and a movie role?

Underground Bounty Hunter Combines Feature Film and Internet Game

Screenwriter Darryl Quarles just completed filming and designing a 'CinemaVenture' Internet game aimed specifically at a youthful and inquisitive spirit in search of adventure and prizes to win.
Chindows software

Chindows Operating System Knockoff Leads to Death Threats

Two high school geniuses Salvadore and Carmine Dementia, in a High School Science project, created a new Operating System and Internet Browser called The Gate, that actually never crashes!