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NewsBlaze sometimes accepts external writers. We are very selective and most people who make requests are not accepted. Every story published goes through our editorial process.

Each Day, Around the World, Women and Girls are Bought And...

Too often, their stories go untold and many Americans have no idea that human trafficking, including slavery and forced prostitution, is happening in their own neighborhoods.

ASPCA Announces Annual Humane Award Winners

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ASPCA yesterday honored people and animals that demonstrated outstanding commitment to furthering the human-animal bond.

India, While Seeking UN Security Council Status, Takes Nepali Land

India encroaches on Nepali territory, forcing Nepalis from their own land and installing Indian farmers in an attempt to gain their votes in upcoming elections.

Technology Promises to Treat Attention and Behavioral Problems

It's a patented technology that is similar to that used by NASA astronauts and U.S. Air Force pilots to stay attentive in the cockpit.

Real Estate Lessons from Trammell Crow

Just released by the Urban Land Institute, William Bragg Ewald's biography of a legendary real estate guru offers some fascinating - and highly relevant - insights on success in business and in life.

Endure No More: Five Ways to Say “Enough Is Enough”

When life becomes an exercise in survival or sameness, it's time to stop enduring and start thriving.

Kola Boof talks about John Garang, Bin Laden and More

Following the funeral of John Garang, I had the opportunity to interview Kola Boof, a controversial Sudanese American novelist who has also been a long time champion for the cause of the Southern Sudanese people...

John Garang Memorialized by Sudan’s Top Novelist

'John Garang was a Dinka, a man of enormous kindness, honor and intelligence. He believed devoutly in the potential for all Sudanese people to rise and join as one...'

The Sounds of Iraq – a Soldiers Perspective

As I lay here in my bed, unable to sleep, I got to thinking about how to describe this place that I'm existing in. You can see it pictures, but I don't know if I've ever seen anyone describe how it sounds.

Paper Money Can’t Save Billions From Poverty

Foreign Aid brings corruption, exacerbating underlying problems. Wealthy nations should commit to developing democratic institutions that foster free markets.