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‘Star-Spangled Banner’ to Fly over FOB McHenry on 4th July

In 1814, during the War of 1812, Francis Scott Key penned the poem that would be adopted as our country's national anthem in 1931.

US Army Medic Training The Iraqi Army Medics

Cahill, a registered nurse and native of Lacey, Wash., also has been engaged in a new effort to improve the Iraqi medical personnel.

Iraqi Army Learns Combat Lifesaving

The Combat Lifesavers course, an advanced first aid class taught to Coalition Forces, is now being taught to all Iraqi Army basic trainees at the K1 training facility near Kirkuk, Iraq.

Iraqi Contractors Rebuild Schools With US Oversight

In the past, schools in Iraq have been rather shoddy representations of what one might consider an acceptable place of learning.

Assistant Mayor Keeps FOB Normandy Running Smoothly

When a Soldier initially arrives at Forward Operating Base Normandy, one of the first faces the Soldier will see belongs to FOB Normandy's assistant mayor.