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Capt. Lyn Graves
Capt. Lyn Graves is a Public Affairs Officer with the 133rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (MPAD)
Sergeant 1st Class Mark Jordan and Army Staff Sgt. Tcherry Samedey

Convoy Protection: Gun Platoon Ensures Success of Logistics Patrols

Protecting the convoys that supply and equip the 101st Airborne Division is an important mission, and one group of Soldiers understands that importance and experiences the reality of protecting convoys every day.
Bill Wingett, a WWII veteran of Easy Company, 101st Airborne with 426th Brigade Support Btn soldiers

Band of Brothers Span Generations

Two generations of Soldiers connected when members of the Task Force Band of Brothers spoke with one of the original members of Easy Company.
Shelby Monroe, embedded reporter learns to fire an AK 47

Embedded Reporter Says Media Not Reporting Good Work in Iraq

Spending 101 days with the 101st Airborne Division in the heat of Iraq, reporter sees good works, dedication of US soldiers, says Americans don't know the whole truth about the war in Iraq.
Sgt. 1st Class Sterling Deck and Airman disassemble their weapons

Patrol Competition at COB Speicher, Iraq

101st Airborne Division Soldiers ran across the Iraqi desert, dropped their rucksacks and disassembled and reassembled their weapons behind their backs.

Gospel explosion in Kirkuk

Soldiers, Airmen, and civilian contractors stationed at Forward Operating Base Warrior kicked off their Memorial Day weekend with a bang.
Spc. Leonard Brunk

Soldier’s Hobby Puts Him Between Shadow and Light

'I wrote the book just to write, like a hobby, I did not think about getting published,' reflected Brunk, who said that writing the book took him the better part of two years.
Iraqi Army soldier and 2nd Lt. Jeremy Fox of Alpha Company

Alpha Company Sees Iraqi Police Progress

'What I like is citizens seeing something out of place and calling the local Iraqi Police. It has taken awhile for local people to trust coalition forces and Iraqi Security Forces...'