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Fred E. Foldvary, Ph.D., is an author and economist who writes commentaries respected for their currency, sound logic, wit, and consistent devotion to human freedom. He received his B.A. in economics from the University of California at Berkeley, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in economics from George Mason University. He is the author of The Soul of Liberty, Public Goods and Private Communities, and Dictionary of Free Market Economics. He edited and contributed to Beyond Neoclassical Economics and, with Dan Klein, The Half-Life of Policy Rationales. Foldvary's areas of research include public finance, governance, ethical philosophy, and land economics. He has taught economics at Virginia Tech, John F. Kennedy University, Santa Clara University, and currently teaches at San Jose State University.
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Libertarian Perspective: Why the Crash of 2008 Is Not a Market...

Government officials, media commentators, and even some economists are leaping to the mistaken conclusion that the financial waterfall of 2008 is a colossal market failure.
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Libertarian Perspective: Vote ‘No’ on Wasteful Energy Restrictions, Subsidies

California's election on November 4 will include propositions on restricting and subsidizing energy. Libertarian says Vote No on Propositions 7 and 10, because these measures would reduce energy efficiency and raise costs.

Libertarian Perspective: How to Bring Down the Cost of Energy

Speculators have been blamed for driving the price of oil up to $140 or more per barrel, but if that is the case, there is a simple remedy.