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Iran coronavirus update june25 2020

Iran, Covid-19: “40% of Population Contracted Coronavirus in Some Provinces”

The spokesperson for Iran's Health Ministry said 134 people had died of Coronavirus in the past 24 hours. Alireza Raeisi, the regime's Deputy Health...
patient and nurse in chinese-built temporary hospital, tehran.

Iran- Covid-19: “Patient Admission Rate Is Double the Rate of Discharge”

A spokesperson for Iran's Health Ministry announced that 121 people had died in the past 24 hours, the highest in 74 days. Following the...
iran woman in mask. image from youtube screenshot

Covid-19: The Second Wave Has Begun, and Deaths Are Skyrocketing Across...

In Alborz province, the deputy director of Health at Alborz University of Medical Sciences told the state-run website Tabnak, Saturday June 19, "We have...
maryam rajavi presents book of names of victims of massacre

European Parliament: Maryam Rajavi Reveals Names of 5,000 Victims of Massacre...

Strasbourg - A book containing the names and particulars of 5,015 victims of massacre, as well as coordinates of 36 mass graves in Iran...
hundreds of couriers Photo: themediaexpress.com

Courier Women: Tragic Story Of Oppressed Ethnic And Religious Minority

" .. we are faced with courier women and girls (in Kurdistan) having to appear in the role of a man or a boy...