Thursday, November 23, 2017
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Cookie Curci is an experienced freelance writer, born and raised in San Jose, California. Cookie writes syndicated columns across the country, and wrote a "Remember When" column for The Willow Glen Resident for 15 years. Her work has been published in 15 Chicken Soup for The Soul books, and in the series of "Mother's Miracle" books ( Morrow books). She has a short story in the new book "ELVIS", Live at the Sahara Tahoe; has been published in San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury news, Woman's World, Primo magazine, Mature Living, and many websites. Cookie is currently writing for several Italian American newspapers and magazines, they include LaVoce Las Vegas, Amici Journal, L'italo Americano, Life in Italy and Italiansrus.

Remembering The Friday-Night Fun in Drive in Movies

By the time the moon crested over the movie screen, the second feature was well under way. Although the drive-in theater was never really about cinema, its marquee reflected the taste of its teenage patrons...

Silicon Valley Still Rich of Traditions Amid Booming Technology

Lady Liberty needs her mighty dimensions to hold a 23-foot-high cement tablet in one hand; the 'Torch of Freedom' high above her head, in the other hand; and the hopes and dreams of millions, upon million, of immigrants cradled in her bosom.

Superstitions Still Alive and Well in Today’s Modern World

Cookie Curci says Superstitions are alive and well. Her great grandmother, whose beliefs were steeped in Old World ways, was a devout believer in the omnipotent evil eye.

New Breed Of Italian Tenors Invading America

Some of our newest and best Italian singers come from all over the world to America, a new embodiment of the old and long held tradition of the recorded Italian voice

The Health Benefits in a Hug!

Cookie Curci tells us that hugs are theraputic. In fact, a twenty second hug releases the bonding hormone and neurotransmitter oxytocin.

Leo’s Letters: The Wind Beneath My Wings

Taking pen and ink to paper is considered an outdated mode of communication now that text messaging and cell phones are handy. At least, that's what the new high tech world would have us believe. They say these new techniques of communication save

Looking Back on Spine-Chilling Radio Thrills in The 1940s’

Among the most celebrated of radio's crime investigators was an invisible sleuth known as The Shadow, the alter-ego of Lamont Cranston, dramatically portrayed by Brett Morrison.

The Evolution of ‘IT’ in The Hollywood Hey Day

Silent screen legend, Theda Bara, had her share of 'it.' Her fans didn't hear her speak, but what the post-WWI male audiences saw was enough to catapult her to the status of Hollywood's leading vamp. Vamp, short for vampire, is a word created by

From Prime Time to The New Millennium Mom

The coming millennium promises to bring even more to modern motherhood. Today's working mom seems a far cry from the Harriet Nelsons, Donna Stones, June Cleavers and Margaret Andersons of my childhood-dedicated homemakers who were once the epitome

Up Close and Personal With Italian Musician Julius La Rosa

This weeks column is a special one for me. To be doing a Q & A with the fabulous Julius La Rosa, is a rare and wonderful treat. After you read this interview, I suggest you all go to youtube or his website and play a couple of his songs.