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Clark Isaacs is an accomplished book critic who is published in local newspapers and national book review lists.

Riches Among the Ruins by Robert P Smith with Peter Zheutlin

Even the Rich and Famous have stories to tell which are daring, spy tingling, fraught with danger, and yes, we are talking about bonds, notes, and the like. Here is one such story by a very wealthy man who leads the Indiana Jones life style.

From the Four Winds Author: Haim Sabato

A remarkable story which is fiction, but reality is that the author tells of his own life of being an immigrant in his newly adopted land of Israel.

The Many Loves of Buffalo Bill by Chris Enss

A Western Hero lives again through the miracle of the written word. Buffalo Bill Cody of the late 1800's has a tell all book written about his many dalliances with the ladies.

Hero Street, U.S.A., Book Review

The story of Mexican/American Heroes who gave the ultimate sacrifice in WWII and Korea, unusual as they all came from the same street which is now named for their wonderful deeds as Heroes.

Fragment by Warren Fahy

Science Fiction debut at its best. A first time book by a writer who has demonstrated ability in other fields. It is scary, plausible, and yet takes you to a different dimension.

The Bread Machine Bible by Anne Sheasby

A family suggestion for baking, do your own bread. Buy a bread machine and this book for some delicious holiday fare. Then all year long enjoy trying new exciting breads.

Heaven’s Keep by William Kent Krueger

A novel in which there is suspense, murder, and intrigue. Your senses will reel and the snow country will become amazing as you travel in this fast paced fictional account.

Gumbo Justice by Holli Castillo Book Review

A prosecuting attorney becomes a target of a serial killer in New Orleans in pre-Katrina setting. As the deaths evolve the story becomes intense. Excellent adult fiction and a worthwhile read.

The Knight by Steven James Book Review

Best selling author creates another move in his series with The Knight. A tale of intrigue and serial killings with Bowers matching wits once again with a diabolical killer.

Vegas Die By Stephen Grogan Book Review

Glitz,glamor, and gambling in Las Vegas take a back seat to murder, mayhem, and money. A historical fiction novel which has a $25,000 reward being offered by the author to the finder of a dagger, read the review and get in on the action!!!

Seduction by J. R. LaGreca

Romance, Passion, Intrigue, and a surprise ending in another novel by J. R. LaGreca. Compelling and a true page turner will lead the adult reader into the realm of fantasy and a love story that will keep your interest.

The Woman Who Named God; Author: Charlotte Gordon

Jews, Christians, and Muslims relationships with Sarah, Abraham, Hagar, Isaacs and Ismael are excitingly brought to life in this newly published biblical accurate non-fiction book.

The Secret Speech by Tom Rob Smith

This is a thriller by an emerging author who has taken the literary scene by storm with his second novel. The descriptive language about Russia's old regime and then into the past of Khrushchev's regime brings the political spectrum full circle a

A Circle of Souls by Preetham Grandhi

The sleepy town of Newbury, Connecticut is shocked when a little girl is found brutally murdered. Author Preetham Grandhi brings his psychiatric background into play and additionally adds some Indian beliefs to bring an exciting 'who-done-it' to

Let’s Get Free: A Hip – Hop Theory of Justice; Author:...

Gates gets arrested and in May, before it happened, Paul Butler writes about it. Form United States Attorney and now law professor Paul Butler writes about the treatment of blacks in our justice system and tells all what they can do about it.

The Hunter By Brian Haig

Account of a master financier who rose to prominence in Russia under the newly established democracy. Alex Konanykhin amassed 300 million dollars in real life and had it taken away by a cabal which did him in.

Ravens Book Review

318 Million Dollars motivates some real seedy characters to interlope on the true winners of the Lottery. Fear and deception abound in this new novel by George Dawes Green.

Up Home Stedman, Book One 1903 – 1909 by Author: Clemson...

This is a story which makes one reminiscent of the 'Coal Miners Daughter' but in reality it is the story of the early years in the coal fields and the dangers that lurked there. A novel, which is based upon historical fact and an excellent read a

The Crossing Over of Mattie Pearl ; Author: Andrea R. Garrison

This week has been one of somber reflection for many people with the passing of Michael Jackson. The loss of many of our troops in Afghanistan and those in Iraq. Finding some peace and solace is what this book is about which can be a help for thos

Stanley James Author: Clyde Henry

A throw back to the 1950's and the cruelty that some children experience in their lives. Humor and laughter help ease the pain, but the reality of the circumstances comes through with this novel by Clyde Henry about his cousin.