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In the series “Postcards from Israel,” Ari Bussel and Norma Zager invite readers throughout the world to join them as they present reports from Israel as seen by two sets of eyes: Bussel’s on the ground, Zager’s counter-point from home. Israel and the United States are inter-related – the two countries we hold dearest to our hearts – and so is this “point – counter-point” presentation that has, since 2008, become part of our lives.


Arafat’s Ingenious Scheme Had No Basis in Truth Or Reality

Israel was suddenly described as 'Apartheid.' The Jewish State was at fault for her enemies bombarding her with rockets. Homicide bombers expecting 72 virgins exploded themselves up, and again, the fault was with Israel.

A Sudden Shift of the Tide

The Middle East, Israel aside, has insurmountable problems. Neither the so-called 'Arab-Israeli Conflict' nor the 'Palestinian Problem' has anything to do with the Middle East upheaval.

Savagery Knows No Bounds Even in The ‘Peaceful Arab World’

The brutality and savagery are all excused. Muslims need to stand up and speak against it, but they do not. The 'THOU SHALL NOT MURDER' only applies to Believers. Thus, homicide bombings at Jewish weddings are perfectly acceptable, the same at a J
Haifa, Israel. Image by Svetlana Klaise from Pixabay

Zionist Spy ‘CAIR’ Pretends to Be Pro-America in DC

CAIR is likely nothing other than a Zionist-Mossad spy in DC, pretending to be pro-America, pro-West, concerned about Freedoms and Democracy. Their real intentions: Conquer more lands, expand the influence, take over Libya and later all neighboring

The World Refuses to See The Truth About Israel

The United States blames Israel when Israel is not the problem at all. The problem is simply the fact that Islam cannot tolerate a democratic state in the midst of an Islamic world. The very existence of a Jewish State is intolerable to their leader

Israel Must Be Returned to Its Righful Owners

This is what Israel is to many Jews. A precious gift returned to the Jewish people. It is incumbent on this generation to ensure that gift be passed down to those who come after.

Middle East Calls ‘Change’ as Democracy

There is a beacon of light in the Middle East, touted as 'the only Democracy in the Middle East,' Israel. But even in Israel there was almost a general strike due to the rapidly rising costs of water, gasoline and food. The Government was on the v

Code of Honor: How Dare You, Mr. President?

There is much we have to learn from President Mubarak's behavior and from our own President on how not to behave.

It’s Time for Israel to Grow Up

Okay, Israel, get out there! You have a great opportunity to forge new bonds because the United States is no longer the A-lister on the playground.
israeli jewish man

Why Do They Hate Israel So Much?

Do they really hate Israel that much? Is Israel that bad that she must be punished, obliterated, erased from the map and replaced with a country where all its citizens are a Muslim entity? Or do they not see the consequences of their actions and the

America is Not Doing Enough to Help Egypt

Simply fascinating: The USA is not doing enough to help the Egyptians rid themselves of a tyrant, while the Iranian parliament expressed its support for 'the Egyptian nation's uprising and movement against tyranny.'
Israelis at the wailing wall. Image by Aleks Megen from Pixabay

Stockpiles of Missiles Ready to Launch Against Israel

Why worry about stockpiles of missiles when many of those serving in the Israel Defense Forces today are yarmulke-wearing religious fanatics? Most of them are from the 'Occupied West Bank,' and they have too many children anyway.

Superficial Friends Turn Their Backs on Egypt

Talk about friends in time of need. Everyone already seems to be eulogizing President Mubarak's rule. Exactly at a time that encouragement and support are needed most, everyone seems to have disappeared.
Israelis at the wailing wall. Image by Aleks Megen from Pixabay

Israel Needs to Stand With Egypt

It is now Israel's turn - and deep responsibility - to stand with Mubarak, and extend whatever help is necessary-officially and behind the scenes.
Haifa, Israel. Image by Svetlana Klaise from Pixabay

War of Biblical Proportions

If the Bible is just a later-era (circa 16th Century) creation, and there were no 'Jews' in the Land of Israel, then the Christians blaming the Jews for the murder of Jesus Christ is not justified - the anger should be directed at the local inhabi

A Room Full of People

It was an activity planned by an organization to which they all (or most) belong. Officially, some are 'Board Members' (which primarily means they donate a certain amount of money each year to the organization) and others were 'invited guests.'
Haifa, Israel. Image by Svetlana Klaise from Pixabay

Report Proves Israel Guilty of Serious Violations of Human Rights

Since its publication, the Report garnered cult following of Israel Deniers and Israel haters, thus ensuring continuous flare of activity and longevity. In short, the Report served a purpose and continues to do so. It is the sound of the gavel of a
Haifa, Israel. Image by Svetlana Klaise from Pixabay

Who Finances The Left NGOs to Undermine Israel?

The essence of the demand to investigate the financing of the activities of the Left Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) is the claim that money is channeled from foreign governments and other foreign entities that are opposed to Israel's very exis
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Israel is Good for The Palestinians

Israel is good for the Palestinians. It supplies them electricity. It fulfills any order of the Palestinian Authority as a conduit into Gaza.

Palestine Strives to Be Recognized as a Free State

In response to the new free, independent Palestine, Israel must annex Judea and Samaria. If the former is ludicrous, the latter is long overdue and much more reasonable. To then achieve peace, or for it to be negotiated in earnest, there would be va