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Maila Baje is a native of Nepal, who writes about the convoluted and often inscrutable politics of his country. His insight points out the things we couldn’t see for ourselves.

Nepal; Reds Wrestle With The R-Word

From Khadga Oli to Bam Dev Gautam to Mod Nath Prashit, countless comrades in the UML have found themselves wearing the royalist tag.
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Nepal’s Inverted Summit And Comedy Of Terror

The Seven Party Alliance, in the absence of its august leader undergoing medical treatment abroad, has concluded that last week's eight-point pact with the Maoists was a mistake.
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Nepal: Pragmatism As The Flip Side Of Power

By sending the reinstated House of Representatives into suspended animation, the Seven Party Alliance has moved halfway toward meeting the Maoists' principal precondition to continuing the peace process.

Troubling Times For Nepal’s Maoist Rebels

Rebel supremo Prachanda announces that he would lead the insurgents to a summit with the new representatives of the old state on building a new Nepal.
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Nepalese Maoists Waging War By Other Means

With the Seven-Party Alliance (SPA)'s much-hyped 'massive showdown' with the palace looming, Maoist supremo Prachanda has decided to take the peace route to the Nepalese capital.

Nepal: Let’s Talk About Feudalism

'Feudalism is the main source of Nepal's problems.' The declaration came from Kenichi Ohashi, country director of the World Bank, in a speech to the Management Association for Nepal.