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Paula Moore is a senior writer for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), 501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510

Marley and Me: ‘Two paws up’

The wonderful new movie Marley and Me shows that animals are a part of the family, for better or for worse, and when we bring them into our homes, we are making a lifetime commitment. This is a reminder that we all need to hear.

This Holiday Season, Don’t Be a Butterball

Americans gobble up an extra 600 calories per day during the holiday season. If you want to avoid the holiday spread, here's a tip: Put down the turkey drumstick and back away from the baked brie. Avoiding animal foods is the easiest way to whittle

The Latest Dust-Up Over Fur

Poor Lindsay Lohan. As she was preparing to sashay down the red carpet at some fancy to-do in Paris last month, she was 'pelted' by an anti-fur activist.

Life’s no Disney movie for pet-store ‘Rhinos’

Rhino, the pint-size hamster sidekick in Disney's new movie, Bolt, is getting the big-screen star treatment, but his real-life cousins are all too often treated like trash.

Butt Out Cigarettes to Help Humans and Animals

The Great American Smokeout was November 20, but it's not too late to kick the habit. Not only is smoking harmful to humans, it also hurts animals.

PETA ‘Partnering’ with Ringling?

The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has much to answer for, including elephants beaten bloody, babies torn from their mothers and animals forced to perform under the threat of punishment. It's time for Ringling to replace its real elephan

Hog Hell: Investigators Uncover Shocking Abuse At Pig Farm

For more than three months, PETA went undercover at an Iowa pig factory farm that supplies piglets who are raised and killed for Hormel products.

A remembrance: David Foster Wallace Considered The Lobsters

In his groundbreaking article 'Consider the Lobster,' the late writer David Foster Wallace asked readers, 'Is it all right to boil a sentient creature alive just for our gustatory pleasure?' Short answer: no.

Hook Hunters Up With ‘tramps,’ Not Stamps

Ducks are curious animals who have a zest for life that rivals that of any toddler or puppy. So why are hunters taking aim at these beautiful birds?

Memo to Designers: Dogs are Not Fashion Accessories

It's time for designers and celebrities to stop treating dogs as fashion accessories, interchangeable with the latest 'It' bag.

Chained Dogs are Ticking Time Bombs

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chained dogs are nearly three times more likely to attack than dogs who are not tethered. For the sake of dogs and everyone's safety, it's time to ban chaining.

Hold The Calamari

Researchers are hoping to determine whether octopuses, like humans, have a dominant arm-er, tentacle-or if they are 'octidextrous.'

Iraq Veteran’s Spouse: Shooting Pigs Endangers Soldiers

Using live animals in trauma-training exercises is outdated and unethical-and your tax dollars are funding it. Our soldiers deserve better.

Great Apes Deserve Protection

While Spain may be better known for bullfighting than animal rights, the Spanish parliament recently took an unprecedented step and voted to extend basic rights to great apes.

New Rx For Kids is a Tough Pill for This Dad...

Giving overweight children cholesterol-lowering drugs, as the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests, is not the best way to prevent them from becoming tomorrow's heart patients.

Oprah went vegan: Will fans follow?

On day four of the 21-day cleanse, Oprah said, 'I just cleaned my dinner plate, down to the last grain of brown rice left under my oh-so-deliciously seasoned soy chicken.
Katrina dog

Are your animal companions prepared for disaster?

As the recent terrifying string of natural disasters shows, emergencies can strike anytime and anywhere. It's vital to make emergency plans now to protect all members of our families-including our animals.

Slaughterhouse Workers: Dying for a Job

Illnesses, injuries and even deaths at slaughterhouses are shockingly routine. What's even more shocking? If you eat meat, you are funding the daily exploitation of slaughterhouse workers.

Speed Racer: A reel drag

Chimpanzee 'actors'-like the young chimpanzee who plays Chim Chim in the new Speed Racer movie-are forcibly taken from their mothers when they are still infants and beaten into submission.
horse racing

Thoroughbred Racing: Whipped to the finish

At the very least, Eight Belles' catastrophic injuries during the Kentucky Derby should prompt the horseracing industry to ban whipping.