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I. P. Adhikari is a Bhutanese journalist who writes about Bhutan and Nepal, and is a member of the Association of Press Freedom Activists-Bhutan. He founded Bhutan News Service. A former Bhutanese refugee, he was forced to leave Bhutan with his family in 1992. in 2001, he started The Shangrila Sandesh, and in 2004 he and Vidhyapati Mishra started the Association of Press Freedom Activists (APFA) Bhutan. In 2007 they started Bhutan News Service. He worked in The Rising Nepal, The Himalayan Times, Nation Weekly and Nepalnews.com while living in Nepal as refugee.Adhikari moved to Adelaide, South Australia under the resettlement program of the UNHCR for Bhutanese Refugees. There, he founded Yuba Sansar, a weekly Nepali-language radio program on Radio Adelaide.

Prospects and Retrospect of Resettling Bhutanese Refugees

This month, it has been a haste schedule for both Bhutanese refugees and their protecting guardian UNHCR chief in Nepal Abraham ABRAHAM but with two different objectives.

Bhutanese journalists make ‘Declaration de Exile’

The first media conference of the Bhutanese journalists taking asylum in Nepal for the last 17 years has concluded in Damak on October 20 adopting 9-point 'Declaration de Exile'.

Prashant’s Craze in Nepalese Media Overshadows National Politics

Celebrations for Prashant's victory in the Indian Idol contest did not limit to this hometown rather extended far beyond his country. The sensations made residents of eastern Nepal and Kathmandu wild.

Nepal: Happy birthday to King Gyanendra

The political parties say the king is hated, yet he has become the most talked about person in Nepal, indicating that the king still occupies a major influence in national politics.

YCL Controversies and The Republic Agenda for Nepal

Months after the Maoists activated their former militias as the youth wing under the banner of Young Communist League to heighten pressure on the Nepali Congress, PM GP Koirala evoked a stern warning
opinions of workers. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Nepal and Bhutan: Tales of two transitions

The story of transition goes together. Lets see who will win the race!

Nepal Election Fallout: Lack of Seriousness in Parties and Leaders

The unity the Parties and Maoists built during the movement against direct rule of the king must also be reflected now to make the transitional period smooth.

Nepal: ‘April Fool’ Day Turns April Imperative

It took almost 10 years for them to force the king out and almost a year to make a leap ahead for a seat in the government. They did it, but without being erased from the US 'terrorists' list.

Bhutan Prime Minister’s Remarks Raise Questions Over Democracy Transition

The remarks of the Bhutanese prime minister regarding Bhutanese refugees are the last resort of the Druk regime to escape from its illegal and inhuman activities that it carried out during the early 1990s.

Saddam’s Execution: Proletariat Nepalese Hit Bourgeois Americans

Execution of Saddam Hussein sparked dissent in Nepal: government, parties and other organisations condemned the action blaming extremism of inhumanity of the American suppression.

Nepal: History in The Making

Needless to say, the unfolding political changes in Nepal are a good example for world experts to resolve internal civil war if agreement reached is successfully implemented.
opinions of workers. Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Future of Bhutanese Refugees is a Shell Game

Bhutanese refugees want to go back to their country after nearly two decades of exiled life in Nepal but the international community, especially the US, Canada and the UN refugee agency do not want them to.
Yelling opinions.

Imagining a ‘New Nepal’

Rigorous discussions on issues like restructuring of the state, accountability, transparent justice, interim constitution, development and rebuilding of the state and more are needed.