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Anthony Dias is an independent writer with 28 years of experience in the print media in Indian nationals. His work can also be seen in the UK Guardian, Sunday Express and the Scotsman.

Interview From Bangkok: Child-Trafficking The 3rd Biggest Global Consumer Market

It is a sad and tragic phenomenon that the third biggest consumer industry in our world involves the very constituency whom we should protect: our children.

Unprepared, Unscientific Disaster Handling Dooms Rainforests, People, Animals

An educator in Kolkata, India, takes initiative to help devastated Cyclone Aila victims with his vomunteer team. Unprepared, unscientific handling of disasters by policy-makers spells doom for rain forests.

Shiva The Bullock Saved From Slaughterhouse After Failed Monsoon

Anuradha Sawhney, chief of Indian PETA, tells the moving story of Shiva, a bullock, saved from the slaughterhouse after his helpless farmer-owner decided to sell him for a few coins to meet family expenses after failed monsoon.