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Michael D. Acosta "Coach Mike" is an active screenwriter and a self proclaimed baseball fanatic, as well as a freelance movie and book reviewer. Contact him by writing to NewsBlaze or go to his blog at http://coachmikesscreenplayandmoviereview.blogspot.com/
jesus and ufos

The Christian Zeitgeist: Bridging the Religion-Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Gap

If the Mars Rover were to discover a fossilized one cell organism it would impact Christians very little, and only be evidence of the vast creative powers of God.
The Hills Have Eyes Remake DVD Cover

Movie Review: The Hills Have Eyes, Sex, Gore and the word...

A family finds themselves stuck in the middle of the desert with a family of cannibals. The remake of Wes Craven's 1977 cult classic.
Silent Hill DVD Cover

Movie Review: Silent Hill, Sex, Gore and the word Hill in...

A mother searches for answers and her lost daughter in an abandoned town.
Annapolis DVD Cover

Movie Review: Annapolis, 12,000 Leagues Under The Creek Without A Paddle

A blue collar worker strives to get accepted to the Naval Academy and then suceed in a world that is not his.
Thanks For Smoking DVD Cover

Movie Review: Thank You For Smoking…2 Pack a Day Comedy

Tobacco lobbyists and politicians spare in this controversal comedy, highlighting Washington D.C.'s underside.
Memoirs of a Geisha Poster

Movie Review: Memoirs of a Geisha … An Endearing Romance Worthy...

An Asian girl is sold into serfdom with only one hope at freedom; to become a Geisha.
Resevoir Dogs Poster

Movie Review: Resevoir Dogs … Dialog Dog Style

Six guys hit a diamond wholesaler and the job falls apart.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang DVD

Movie Review: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Happenstance and the darkside of L.A. await a charming petty thief chosen by mistake for a part as a private eye.
Bloodrayne DVD Cover

Movie Review: Bloodrayne…Names Have Been Changed to Protect The Innocent

A girl being paraded as a circus freak is actually half vampire and seeks revenge on her evil father.
Bla Bla Cafe

Book Review: A Place Called The Bla-Bla Cafe’

A coffe house style club, that allowed unknown musicians a place to play while honing their skills for their big break. Many known names in entertainment today find their roots in the Bla-Bla cafe.
Lucky Slevin DVD Cover

Movie Review: Lucky # Slevin…Slevin out of Ten

A man finds himself in the wrong place, at the wrong time and sets forth in motion several bizzare events.
Hard candy DVD

Movie Review: Hard Candy and Candy is Dandy…but sex?

A fourteen year old girl goes to see a man in person that she met on the internet.
Ultraviolet DVD Cover

Movie Review: Ultraviolet…An Unfocused Train Wreck

A new virus spreads throughout the planet leading to discrimination among the human race.
Walk the Line DVD Cover

Movie Review: Walk the Line

The romantic biopic of the legendary Johnny Cash, based on his autobiography.
Casanova Poster

Movie Review: Casanova, No Mi Gusta

The re-telling of the legendary lover Giacomo Casanova, loosely based on his memoirs.
snakes on a plane

Movie Review: Snakes on a Plane…What else is there to Say

A witness to a murder takes a flight to LA, with a plane full of poisonous snakes.
Wicker Man DVD Cover

Movie Review: Wicker Man; All Wickered Out

A detective goes to a private island to investigate the disappearance of a little girl.
Brokeback Mountain DVD Cover

Movie Review: Brokeback Mountain’s just plain broke

Two cowboys herd sheep on a mountain and form a relationship.

Movie Review: 2005 Space Comedy

A board game sends two brothers on an adventure in space.
Wolf Creek DVD Cover

Movie Review: This Wolf Can’t Swim

Three vacationers go on an extended road trip to a remote crater in Western Australia and come face to face with urban lore.