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1 .Why California's Waiting Period to Purchase a Firearm Will Be Upheld - 3
2 .Vehicle Rollover in Flash Flood, Al Anbar Province - Five Marines Dead - 2
3 .Burmese Activists Urge Halting Shwe Pipeline Project - 3
4 .Mandatory Military Service Works in Israel - 2
5 .Glutathione and Cellgevity, Maximize Life - 2
6 .2016 Predictions by World Renowned Medium and Psychic Lindy Baker - 3
7 .You Don't Know What to Say? Eight Secrets for Visiting a Seriously Ill Loved One - 1
8 .Mayor's cell plays key role in FOB life of some deployed Soldier - 1
9 .I.O.U.S.A. (One Nation. Under Stress. In Debt.) Film Review - 1
10.Schwarzenegger Appoints Blizzard, Davidian, Goodman, Mauro to Sacramento County Superior Court - 1
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Tom Ski, Road Trekin Writer

Tom Ski is a master of the great outdoors. You can find Tom fly fishing in Montana, photographing elk and bison, watching birds from a hide or in the long grass, talking about life on his radio show and writing about his adventures at NewsBlaze.

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Ernest's First Birthday in America - A Happy Occasion
Long time NewsBlaze writer, Ernest Dempsey, introduced to us by Judyth Piazza, editor of NewsBlaze, The Student Operated Press and The American Perspective, celebrates his American Birthday.
18:28 Jul 25, 2013 PST
'Buffalo Bills' One of Most Historic American Professional Football Teams
The 'Bills' began in 1960 as yet another member of the American Football League before the AFL-NFL merger in 1970. In 1964 and 1965, the Bills won two consecutive AFL titles, and they are the only team to win four consecutive American Football
05:42 Nov 3, 2011 PST
'Mission Tuition' Offers Parents Widest Array of Savings Opportunities
'Mission Tuition' is a truly amazing company that has taken 529 plans one step further, by providing a simple and FREE way for parents to begin saving.
06:20 Oct 31, 2011 PST
'Divorce Solutions San Diego' Finds a Way to Achieve Divorce With No Conflicts
No-Conflict is the most amazing phrase that you could use when speaking about this situation. And, with No-Conflict, there remains a calm, peaceful environment for your children!
07:11 Oct 24, 2011 PST
Is The Number '13' a Bad Omen?
From the steps of the New York Public Library to the haunted halls of the Winchester Mansion in San Jose, California, this puzzle is one of epic proportions. And the next step in their path to expose the secret that was buried in 1902, takes place o
06:43 Sep 28, 2011 PST
The Introduction of Tennis to The Sports World! Celebrating...Sticky!
Tennis is an 'odd' entity when it comes to exploring the background of it all, and how tennis became a sport in the first place.
17:09 Aug 30, 2011 PST
Divorce Solutions San Diego Offers Couples Non-Conflict Resolution to Divorce
Divorce Solutions San Diego is a company that offers a premier 'divorce mediation model' that works to find a calm resolution to divorce, and enables people to maximize assets, empower children,
09:19 Aug 30, 2011 PST
Mark 'The Shark' Spitz - The Olympian!
Mark Spitz was actually the only swimmer to rank on the ESPN SportsCentury 50 Greatest Athletes list, and is MOST recognized and remembered for the irreverent mustache that he wore throughout the Olympics.
17:07 Aug 25, 2011 PST
Divorce Solutions San Diego Offers Calm Resolution to Divorce
As we spoke about in the introduction to Divorce Solutions San Diego, this company's main goal is to set a higher standard of civility and common sense for couples going through a divorce, by using their proven model for conflict resolution. But th
05:37 Aug 25, 2011 PST
Crowd Still Goes Wild for 'Superbrat' Tennis Player John McEnroe
As is Jimmy Connors, John Patrick McEnroe, Jr. is a former World #1professional tennis player. This is a man who won seven Grand Slam singles titles (three at Wimbledon and four at the U.S. Open),
11:42 Aug 10, 2011 PST
A Company's Sales Force is Its Backbone
Meet Caramanico Maguire Associates, Inc. The Sales Force Development Experts That Will Make YOUR Company a STAR!
14:38 Aug 9, 2011 PST
Pennies2Win Offers Affordable, Brand New Products for Just Pennies on Dollar!
Let's be honest, lately television shows like Pawn Stars, American Pickers, and Storage Wars- have caught the American imagination. Ratings and Internet 'buzz' proves that we are all now interested in how to save money - how to get a fantastic pr
04:44 Aug 3, 2011 PST
Jackie Robinson Breaks 'Color Barrier' in American Baseball History
When Jackie first donned the Dodger uniform, number 42, he became a true pioneer in professional athletics. By breaking the color barrier in baseball -at the time, the nation's favorite sport - Jackie challenged racial segregation in both the North
08:20 Aug 2, 2011 PST
Shop4teams Applauds The 'Master of The Diamond!'
There is absolutely nothing that Shop4Teams doesn't offer to prepare YOU and YOUR team for the best possible appearance on any field, court, rink, or inside any stadium.
06:12 Jul 27, 2011 PST
Yellowstone Inn and Conference Center Truly The 'Best of The West!'
Yellowstone Inn is the northern gateway to Yellowstone Park. So not only do visitors enjoy the beauty of nature, but they also walk into pure authentic western hospitality. At the check-in desk at Yellowstone Inn, you're rewarded with smiles and lu
05:57 Jul 21, 2011 PST
Marla Mase Joins the Ranks of True Female Icons!
Marla Mase has proven time and time again, through her songs and plays, that she knows how important the heart is, and she absolutely understands its necessity in making life better.
12:34 Jul 20, 2011 PST Looks Back at Revolutionaries of 'Lacrosse'
Let's face it, with even one Gait brother on your lacrosse team you were guaranteed to take home the win, the cup, the championship...absolutely anything and everything a *lacrosse team could win!
07:38 Jul 10, 2011 PST
406 Brewery The Destination for Beer Connoisseur!
The room is immense. Every visitor can see the large shiny tanks as they sit in their places and create the flavors of beer that you won't soon forget.
19:08 Jul 4, 2011 PST Celebrates a True Basketball Hero!
Once the NBA's greatest dynasty, the Boston Celtics had endured lean years in the late 1970's. And, although they lost to the Philadelphia 76ers in the playoffs, Larry Bird's arrival in Boston marked the start of the Celtics return to glory.
16:50 Jul 3, 2011 PST
'The Ellen Theatre' Shines Again
Built in 1919, 'The Ellen Theatre' sat in Bozeman, Montana like a slightly dingy leftover crown. Over the years, The Ellen Theatre fell into disrepair, a victim of the ever-changing landscape.
06:25 Jun 28, 2011 PST
Can't Stop The Inspiration!
This writer has said, in weeks past, that there is a songwriter out there by the named of Angie Woods who actually 'owns' the skill and the power to write songs that make the emotions flow through your veins.
04:57 Jun 26, 2011 PST Adds Rock-and-Roll Flavor to the World of Cheerleading!
Although 'The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders' are the 'belles of the ball' when people speak about the world of all-star professional cheerleading, there is another group out there that's just as famous.
16:11 Jun 25, 2011 PST
Yellowstone Inn & Conference Center: A Stunning Location for Your Event!
Two weeks ago, this writer brought to the attention of all you readers out there, this amazing Best Western resort located in Livingston, Montana.
13:30 Jun 22, 2011 PST
'By The Fire' The Best Debut that Country Music Has Ever Heard!
When 'Brooks & Dunn' first hit the scene, they released a debut titled, Brand New Man, which was also the single that flew up the charts to #1.
07:00 Jun 20, 2011 PST
Traversing The Mase: Time for a Tribute!
When I first began writing about Marla Mase, I compared her to the Goddess Kali - that effervescent goddess/demon personality who has many hands, who made no apologies, took no prisoners, and had leagues of people following her into eternity.
14:11 Jun 19, 2011 PST
As Harry Caray Once Said: 'Holy Cow!'*
Did you know that Roy Campanella graduated from Simon Gratz High School in Philadelphia? He wore his very first uniform in that school and went on to have his number retired and inducted into the Hall of Fame.
19:17 Mar 29, 2011 PST
What is the Hottest Product in Weaponry? Announcing Mech-Tech's CCU!
The CCU has become the world's most versatile pistol accessory on the market, with specifications and applications that most all weaponry experts are extremely happy to see and to put to good use.
15:17 Mar 28, 2011 PST
The Visions of a Cowboy Review
As a person who has completed hundreds of reviews, I have to say up front that Mr. Wilson's book, as well as his ideology, is something that I've never seen before.
07:17 Mar 22, 2011 PST
Enigmatic Marla Mase Exudes Fearlessness to Stand Tall in The Face of Adversity
Whether love her or hate her, Marla Mase will be the voice inside your head screaming at you to stand tall in the face of adversity, as we walk through every part of her life and career from her dreams to her nightmares, and witness with shock and
08:40 Mar 18, 2011 PST
Back Against The Wall: The 'I Have a Dream' for The Next Generation
In a way, D.H. has become something of a Dr. King. Her followers on Facebook and her true fans who have supported her since day one refer to themselves as 'marchers.'
03:18 Mar 16, 2011 PST
The Benefits of Social Networking for The Arts
A long time ago when airplanes were made out of parchment and dreams, artists such as Leonardo DaVinci lived to create, discover, and explore the next steps that would bring humanity into the future.
17:15 Mar 2, 2011 PST
Taking your Company Social
A Facebook Business Page creates a captive audience for your company, by enthralling all those who are interested in your products, services, events, and what is going on within your company.
10:52 Feb 17, 2011 PST
Biltmore Estate Tour Leaves a Lasting Imprint on The Soul
I have only barely touched on the story of the Biltmore House and of George and Edith Biltmore. I believe the visions they held were, what America ought to be seeing now, unlimited opportunities and taking responsibility for ourselves through innova
06:43 Jan 25, 2011 PST
ZZ Troutski's Fly Box: Tying a Dubbing Leech
You may also rib this fly with gold, silver, mylar, or any material you can imagine. Try using wire, tinsel or even cross-stitch floss for different effects. I have caught a lot of fish by creating new 'recipes'.
17:32 Jan 20, 2011 PST
A Stroll Through Rock & Roll, An Experience
In the hall of Rock, there are four categories, which give the hall of Rock depth of musicians that have been inducted, as some would say all this in the house Rock Built. If you are ever in Cleveland and you like Rock & Roll, it's worth the stop!
06:30 Jan 20, 2011 PST
Social Media Determines Travel and Activity Purchases
Research has discovered three out of four travelers use digital media devices while traveling. Two-thirds say they are more likely to shop, book travel activities and rooms from their devices while traveling.
09:43 Jan 19, 2011 PST
ZZ Troutski Fly Box Presents Tying a Wooly Bugger
This pattern is a great place start with the basic techniques and principles to start catching more fish, having fun and saving money on flies. The other thing is, you just can't have to many buggers.
06:55 Jan 8, 2011 PST
'Home Sweet Home' Trip to Michigan Completes The Holiday Season
It had been twenty-six years since my last trip to Michigan. Much has changed, and yet some things seemed exactly the same. I was blown away by the changes in my old neighborhood, where I grew up. Hills seemed smaller, the trees towered, and the Car
05:35 Jan 4, 2011 PST
Remarketing With Content Writing and Sentiment Tracking
Remarketing is about using social media as a tool to explosive sales by up to 20% with your present client base.
11:13 Dec 31, 2010 PST
ZZ Troutski's Fly Box: Tying a Convertible
The convertible fly was invented by Scott Sanchez. This fly is very versatile, I use it for stonefly hatches, drakes, hoppers and hexagenias.
06:12 Dec 31, 2010 PST
LifePath Unlimited Works At Home
After observing countless ads for 'working from home', I decided to do a series of articles about the people posting these ads, and the people involved in working from home...
17:39 Dec 15, 2010 PST
The Final Days of Fall's Serenity
The last week of October was unusually warm this fall, so I decided to get in another few days of fishing and hiking in central Montana. I loaded the van and headed to Lewistown.
13:55 Dec 15, 2010 PST
Social Media Offers Road Map to Success
Remember how you were taught to believe that the world is round? Well, maybe its time to change how you think and look at the world from a business point of view. The world has become truly flat.
08:40 Dec 14, 2010 PST
Great Lakes Adventure is a Real Treat for Everyone Who Loves Road Trekking
The best part of this journey is that we didn't have any time restrictions. So we took the time and watched a documentary on the sinking of the Edmond Fitzgerald. It really struck my heart as it was just 2 days before the 35th Anniversary of the fa
14:09 Dec 12, 2010 PST
Montana's Geological Paradise Makoshika State Park is Not a Bad Land After All
A geological paradise filled with such diversity of plant and animal life of millions of years ago. Fossils of palm trees and magnolia bushes, fish, such as rays, amphibians, crocodiles and other reptiles, rare and extinct birds and mammals, and sev
06:42 Dec 10, 2010 PST
The Adventures of Scuba Jack Offers Activities for Learning to Be Fun and Easy
Parents are always seeking ways to give their children an advantage in life. The Adventures of Scuba Jack series takes a unique approach to early childhood learning and development by keenly focusing on...
06:46 Dec 5, 2010 PST
Budget in advance for credit card debts
Financial solutions company Think Money advises people planning to spend on their credit card this Christmas to budget in advance for their repayments in order to avoid potential financial difficulty.
21:53 Dec 3, 2010 PST
New and Awe Inspiring Pieces of Art Beckoned Attention From All Around
Art Basel is one of the most important shows in the country, from a cultural and social stand point in America. Art Basel has a sister show in Switzerland, which for the past 41 years has been the most prestigious show in the world.
14:09 Dec 2, 2010 PST
A Drive Thru the National Bison Range
If you lived upon the prairie traveling this would have been your only source of heat and cooking fuel. Only grass and buffalo chips as far as the eye can see. I image the Buffalo chip added an interesting flavor to the evening dinner.
10:43 Dec 2, 2010 PST
Fine Tuning Your Social Marketing Plan Through Sentiment Analysis
Social Media Marketing is the way forward enabling marketers and companies to develop and manage sound strategies for ongoing future of expansion. This is possible through a practical and valuable insights of a well mapped out direction.
07:58 Dec 1, 2010 PST
Virtual Assistant Programs and Twitter Accounts
The benefits of hiring a virtual assistant to manage your social media presence will give your company the edge to success.
17:43 Nov 23, 2010 PST
50 Ways to Make a Difference without Spending a Penny
Everyone can make a difference! The real question is - will you? How are you Spreading Joy? Do you have any other ideas of making a difference without spending any money?
10:38 Nov 23, 2010 PST
Fast Company Influence Project 2010
In the summer of 2010, Fast Company Magazine decided to find out who is most influential online. The idea was based on who could get the most people to follow a link to a website.
18:23 Nov 16, 2010 PST
A Day with Birds of Prey
I was driving past Bridger Bowl and noticed a sign stating that there was a Raptor Festival going on and so I immediately turned around.
13:36 Nov 4, 2010 PST
In The Heart of Montana
There's a new hotspot for fine dining in Montana! Stetson Restaurant at the Yogo Inn in Lewistown, Montana has surpassed all expectations this last week.
14:03 Oct 27, 2010 PST
Montana Moments From The Fly
It's winding down to the last few days of a week's worth of fishing through central Montana. I began the first few days hiking up Bear Trap Canyon, into the wilderness area several miles up on the Madison River to fish my way out.
05:39 Oct 20, 2010 PST
Missouri River Bugle Boys of Lewistown, Montana
This time of year I love to travel to the Slippery Ann Elk Viewing Area north of Lewistown, Montana. It's about an hours north of town on Hwy. 191. I'd call it a scenic drive...
13:55 Oct 14, 2010 PST

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