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Lloyd Marcus

Lloyd Marcus, the Unhyphenated American, is an optimistic, passionate man, who learned about life, respect and motivation from his father. He is a singer who uses his talent and drive to rally people around the constitution and independent conservative ideas. He likes people to think for themselves.

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Obama Using Straw-Man Tactic to Con The American People
Another Obama Administration straw-man is its absurd 'Republican War on Women'. Talk about creating an enemy which does not exist, Democrats are calling the
12:14 Jul 14, 2014 PST
Julianne Ortman Knows How to Get Things Done to Repeal Obamacare
During my research of Ortman, it was obvious that Ortman is a strategist. Excellent! We need more conservatives who know how to get things done, fighting alongside Sen.Ted Cruz and Sen. Mike Lee.
19:09 Mar 31, 2014 PST
Is Dr. King Happy on Black America's Progress?
As expected, the Race Industry is exploiting the 50th anniversary the same way they exploit Black History Month every year to further their false narratives that race relations in America have progressed very little since the 1950s
06:22 Sep 1, 2013 PST
O'Reilly: Keep Those Right-On Commentaries Comin' White Boy
Eric Holder and others on the left have been whining and arrogantly scolding us saying, 'We need an honest discussion about race in America.'
20:08 Jul 28, 2013 PST
Deliver Us From Evil: Black Professor Spews Hate
Lloyd Marcus says it takes a sick mind to find racism in desiring that women not kill their babies. Black Senator, Elbert Guillory: Why I Am a Republican.
11:16 Jul 5, 2013 PST
Tea Party Elated That RINO Republican Gabriel Gomez Lost
Why should liberal Massachusetts voters select a Democrat-Lite Gomez over a full-bodied Democrat, Ed Markey? Moderate Republicans thought six one, half dozen of the other and stayed home.
16:49 Jun 28, 2013 PST
Are Conservatives Swiftly Becoming An Ever Increasingly 'Silenced Majority'?
Patriots, our only hope for restoring America as founded is to put as many true conservatives in office as possible. We take back America one candidate, one race, at a time.
14:45 Jun 26, 2013 PST
Sarah Palin Back to Defend Conservatives and The Tea Party
Palin boldly defends our side (conservatives and the Tea Party). We have been kicked around by the Left and the mainstream media with little to no push back.
15:12 Jun 19, 2013 PST
Lawless Obama Regime Winning Majority in The House of Representatives?
Speaking of wicked queen Pelosi, Obama has declared that she will regain the position of Speaker of the House of Representatives.
11:50 Jun 3, 2013 PST
Tea Party Slams NAACP Chair Julian Bond's Outrageous Allegations
Sadly, the NAACP feels embolden to lie about the tea party, confident that the mainstream media will not challenge them or demand proof of their outrageous allegations. The MSM gleefully distributes the NAACP's lies.
16:26 May 19, 2013 PST
Is The Tea Party The Only Hope for Restoring America?
Who are these Tea Party people, their profile? When I first began touring the country on Tea Party Express, the attendees were mostly middle-aged whites. Many, trying to be 'good people', voted for America's first black presidential candidate.
08:04 Apr 3, 2013 PST
Yes, I'm An Angry Black Man Today
I am witnessing a new heightened resolve in patriots to fight harder than ever to turn our country around. We are in a culture war and more and more are beginning to realize it.
13:27 Nov 21, 2012 PST
Is Obama The Most Anti-Christian President in US History?
But now that Obama has been exposed as the most anti-Christian president in U.S. history, senior black Christians must no longer be given a pass for supporting this man.
08:20 Aug 30, 2012 PST
Al Sharpton: Appointed To Keep Black Voters Angry and Ill-informed
Al Sharpton, eager to launch his national career, ran to the microphones and cameras as Tawana Brawley's adviser. The problem was, it was all a hoax.
16:03 Mar 29, 2012 PST
Is Liberal Media Ignoring Obama's Blatant Hypocrisy in Bill Maher's Money?
To be consistent in his concern for women, shouldn't President Obama give back the million dollar contribution to his super PAC from Bill Maher, a serial vitriolic abuser of Sarah Palin, who to the best of my recollection is a 'woman'?
10:45 Mar 8, 2012 PST
Is Liberal Media Spreading Vicious Lies Against Republicans and Conservatives?
Regardless of what you think about Santorum, I bet you a dollar to a doughnut the black blogger thinks Santorum is a far right wing nut case due to the liberal media.
12:16 Mar 5, 2012 PST
Is Black History Month a Propaganda Tool of The Democratic Party?
Black history is woven with remarkable blacks who strove for excellence and achieved major success. Knowledge of such black pioneers would inspire black youths and help them realize how blessed they are to be born in America;
11:48 Feb 3, 2012 PST
Obama Creates Racial Tension for Political Gain
Clearly, the Obama administration's game-plan for his presidency is to use race as a bludgeon whenever anyone opposes an Obama agenda item. Obama obviously considers the loss of harmony between black and white Americans to be acceptable collateral
07:54 Aug 19, 2011 PST
Liberal Dominance: You're Not in Kansas Anymore!
Larry risked everything numerous times, endured countless sleepless nights, sacrificed blood sweat and tears to achieve he and his wife's American dream. In the pursue of their dream, they touched many lives along the way. And yet, arrogant 'snot
05:39 Apr 18, 2011 PST
The Evils and Failures of Liberalism
I recently had another cherished chat over the phone with my 84 year old black dad. He lives in Maryland. I live in Florida. Dad, sharp as ever, still pastors four churches. He also volunteers a few days a week teaching at an elementary school.
17:03 Apr 12, 2011 PST
Stay Strong My Brother and Sister Patriots
I've gotten defeatist emails from patriots who basically say, 'It is hopeless. America's system of government is totally corrupt, broken beyond repair.
12:33 Apr 7, 2011 PST
The Left: They're Goin' After Our Kids
Most insidiously, the Left is going after the hearts and minds of our children. Fox News reported several schools are discouraging the reciting of the Pledge of Allegiance while teaching our kids America is the greatest source of evil in the world.
06:46 Apr 5, 2011 PST
Mr. Tea Party Goes to San Francisco
On the airplane, CNN was available, Fox News was not. I faced the same scenario in my hotel room. In my travels to over 200 tea parties, San Francisco was the first city where Fox News was not available in my hotel room.
06:23 Mar 30, 2011 PST
Farewell Oprah, How About a Gift to Black America Before you Go!
I have a history with Oprah Winfrey. Back in the eighties, Oprah and I worked at WJZ-TV, an ABC affiliate TV station in Baltimore. Oprah was co-host with Richard Sher of the local morning talk show, 'People Are Talking'.
15:02 Nov 23, 2009 PST
Extraordinary Ordinary Patriot of the Tea Party Movement
Warren was born into extreme poverty and grew up in a two room shack in the hollows of Charleston, West Virginia. Encouraged by his mother, Warren was the *first* in his family to graduate high school.
07:26 Aug 2, 2009 PST
Yelling...ENOUGH with the Race Thing!
Race! Race! Race! As the kids say, 'Gag me with Race!' I just read my Republican Senator Mel Martinez's statement on why he is voting to confirm Sonia Sotomayor:
14:08 Jul 19, 2009 PST
Time to Put Liberals on the Defensive!
I'm in the studio recording my next song for the Tea Party movement titled, 'Feet To The Fire'. In it, I chastise politicians for not keeping their promises. A line says, 'they go to approval from liberals...'
09:42 Jul 2, 2009 PST

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