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An interview with Kristen Luman, about Syfy channel's Ghost Mine, the paranormal show featuring gritty miners searching for gold in the foreboding bowels of Oregon's Crescent Mine.
13:08 Nov 16, 2013
Intuitively, thousands of CBS radio listeners, from Maine to California, turned up the volume on their radio dials.
20:01 Jun 3, 2012
UFO Reports Possibly A Hollywood Hoax for Indie Queen Inge Jaklin film 'Visitor From Planet Omicron.'
08:34 Aug 1, 2011
The life form NASA discovered in the Mono Lake, California (which is poisonous), this bacteria is made of arsenic, something that was thought to be completely impossible.
07:12 Dec 2, 2010
NASA is holding a news conference on December 2nd, has extraterrestrial life been discovered?
05:55 Nov 30, 2010
The interview concerns the involvement of the military in a UFO incident in 1977 (the same year Operation Saucer occurred in the Amazon).
07:25 Jul 25, 2010
The detection of a UFO forced the closure of Xiaoshan airport for an hour, grounding outbound flights and diverting inbound ones to other airports in Ningbo and Wuxi. A total of eighteen flights were affected in all.
12:56 Jul 18, 2010
According to a recent article, a German UFO expert, Hartwig Hausdorf, claims that the NASA probe Voyager 2 has started transmitting 'strange, unintelligible signals'
20:59 May 15, 2010
We would both be keen to hear from other people who have also had dreams or visions of 'Little Skeletons' as this will help us to research this subject further.
10:44 May 9, 2010
Whilst many would be excited about the prospect of meeting Aliens or seeing a UFO, Professor Stephen Hawking believes that we should not try and make contact with them and hope that they don't notice us.
13:56 Apr 25, 2010
It should be pointed out that the UFO activity around the farm was not a one-off event, but a series of experiences that occurred between mid January and mid December 1977.
12:33 Mar 7, 2010
Does this mean that if 100 credible witnesses report the landing of a dozen UFO's, the Ministry of Defence will not consider this a potential danger to security?
10:32 Feb 28, 2010
The reason for the mainstream media taking an interest today is the result of 24 files being released by the MOD, containing some 6,000 pages of documentation covering UFO reports for the period 1994-2000.
20:42 Feb 17, 2010
Though it seems to be acceptable for people to be manipulated by human organizations it is considerably evident that an endemic terror is associated with the concept of non-human influence.
08:32 Feb 6, 2010
When writing articles about UFO's I often invite people to share the sightings they have had, and I am pleased to say that there has been a good response to this request just lately
12:53 Feb 4, 2010
Space is full of life. Space travelers visit us. One out of eight people have seen or know someone they trust enough to believe that there are UFOs and alien races visiting our planet.
18:00 Feb 3, 2010
There have been a number of interesting UFO reports in the news recently and I have selected a couple of these for closer inspection.
05:43 Jan 29, 2010
The best idea (in my opinion) is that it was either a rocket or missile that had probably re-entered the atmosphere, or from a high altitude, and developed a fault with its guidance system or propulsion engine.
05:04 Dec 10, 2009
'From the time I first awoke on that September morning of 1996, I knew that my memory was real. Regardless of what some might say about this, a person does know the difference between a dream and something real that has happened. Although, I must ad
12:03 Nov 21, 2009
Perhaps we have misinterpreted the existence of a collective order in the cosmos, in which beings exist on escalating levels of evolution from primitive to various states of immortality. Some civilizations rise within this strata', others perish in
09:37 Nov 10, 2009

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