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That's the Punisher as I conceived him: a man who knows he's going to die and who knows in the big picture his actions will count for nothing, but who pursues his course because this is what he has chosen to do.
15:06 Mar 4, 2009
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, comedy duo Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong symbolized the characteristics of stoners as likable goofballs onscreen with the film, Up In Smoke.
10:17 Aug 2, 2008
When portraying the Joker in The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger describes playing the Crown Prince of Crime as 'punk rock', but also 'Simply... a f--ing sinister guy'.
07:56 Jul 7, 2008
With the cooperation of another Hollywood celebrity, Baz Luhrmann (the director of Moulin Rouge), Apple takes off with a series of educative podcasts, titled The Set to Screen.
15:13 Apr 16, 2008
You Tube comes of age. Veteran independent TV show producers create pilots and test using the You Tube audience to evaluate winners for possible shows.
12:22 Mar 26, 2008
Sargent Shriver lead a life of service, with a desire to make a difference. Lauded and lambasted for his efforts, many people have heard his name, but don't know why.
02:48 Jan 16, 2008
This year's Artivist is partnering with KPFK Radio and CURRENT TV, reaching more than 25 million people. Join us in celebrating the 4th ANNUAL ARTIVIST.
12:31 Oct 31, 2007
Once World Class, British documentaries set the bar for the rest of the world with their critically acclaimed documentary winners.
04:28 Sep 11, 2007
The feature length documentary by film-maker Sanjay Kak explores the implications of the struggle for Freedom in the Kashmir valley was criticized by Kashmiri pandits for not mentioning their exodus from Kashmir.
05:20 Aug 16, 2007
Stereo Vision Entertainment and King of Funk, George Clinton team up to launch Funkadelic Mothership in 3-D
02:51 Apr 5, 2007
'The Dead Body Guy', Chuck Lamb, successfully caused the price of a stock to skyrocket - and being dead, of course, he wasn't aiming to do that.
09:40 Apr 1, 2007
Since I don't see myself as serving as a marketing arm of the entertainment conglomerates, I acknowledge 100 films, including independents, documentaries, and foreign language offerings
11:20 Jan 10, 2007
I've heard of remakes before, but God Grew Tired of Us is the first remake of a documentary I can ever remember.
20:53 Jan 8, 2007
Directed by Richard LaGraenese, the film features Hilary Swank delivering as impressive a performance as her Oscar-winning outings in Boys Don't Cry and Million Dollar Baby.
16:50 Jan 6, 2007
Unless I'm missing something, magicians aren't really able to perform supernatural feats. Their acts, relying on sleight of hand and other distractions, are every bit as phony as that of psychics and professional wrestlers.
13:13 Jan 5, 2007
Was Jesus a black man? He might have been, yet Hollywood has never seen fit to make a movie featuring a sepia Son of God. Till now.
09:10 Jan 5, 2007
Riveting DVD Revolving around Revenge-Minded Hit Man is excellent.
05:51 Jan 5, 2007
I recently attended the International Independent Film Festival in NYC and I had the opportunity to meet Emad Beshay who was one of the many filmmakers' there.
13:42 Dec 6, 2006
A family finds themselves stuck in the middle of the desert with a family of cannibals. The remake of Wes Craven's 1977 cult classic.
03:59 Oct 25, 2006
A mother searches for answers and her lost daughter in an abandoned town.
14:16 Oct 24, 2006

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