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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and 'Your-Name-Goes-Here.' Who will the world embrace next? One thing is for certain, there's a very strong chance it's one of these social decision making apps: Thumb, Se
20:15 May 10, 2013 PST
Lupold Bair recommends establishing a safe storage location for all of your family's passwords; perhaps a filing cabinet drawer in your home that can be locked.
07:32 May 2, 2013 PST
For the uninitiated, single-cell genomics is one of the emerging areas of study in life sciences research. It could help solve some of the most fundamental biological mysteries of our time.
10:14 Apr 13, 2013 PST
Cisco has been innovating in order to benefit customers who wish to virtualize certain aspects of their data center networks.
13:15 Apr 10, 2013 PST
The technology partnership is due to Turkcell's network initiatives and its employees dedicated efforts during the 2011 earthquake that took place in the City of Van in Easter Turkey.
07:39 Apr 6, 2013 PST
According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook will incorporate hashtags catching up to Twitter, Google +, and Instagram
07:32 Mar 15, 2013 PST
Starting today, Netflix members in the U.S. can share their favorite shows and movies on Netflix with friends by connecting to Facebook and agreeing to share.
15:05 Mar 13, 2013 PST
'Likes' on Facebook can accurately predict personality traits, sexual orientation, and intelligence, according to researchers
21:09 Mar 12, 2013 PST
Google announced that they are cutting 1,200 more jobs at its Motorola Mobility division, following the announcement of 4,000 layoffs in 2012
07:56 Mar 12, 2013 PST
Facebook unveiled changes to the site trying to make Facebook more unified across all devices with an overhaul to the newsfeed
20:10 Mar 7, 2013 PST
Online personal organizer Evernote reset passwords for all its users after attackers breached the company's systems and accessed login credentials
09:19 Mar 4, 2013 PST
BB&T customers nation wide are reporting zeroed out accounts and their bank cards being declined
21:17 Mar 2, 2013 PST
Pandora announced that it is installing a 40 hour monthly limit on free listening to its Internet radio service over mobile devices
04:58 Mar 1, 2013 PST
A recent story shows that social media can affect stress levels, sleep, and relationships
18:38 Feb 27, 2013 PST
A look at the effect of our tendency to ignore the positive aspects of matters of concern, and a call to spread awareness of a petition to Facebook, Google, and others to allow us the right to 'dislike' and '-1' matters of concern to us.
06:49 Feb 27, 2013 PST

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