US and Mexico Collaborate on Dismantling Criminal Organizations and Drug Trade

Assistant Secretary William R. Brownfield of Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs today said the United States and Mexico collaborate on counternarcotics, dsmantling criminal organizations and drug trade.

At the press conference at the Consulate General Ciudad Juarez, Mr. Bronwfield stressed that Mexico and the United States have a shared responsibility between the two federal and state governments of both countries and with many of the mayors and municipal governments or governors of the two countries.

“United States government is responsible for supporting in this process of Merida, in our collaboration on counternarcotics and police and law enforcement between Mexico and the United States.” -Mr. Brownfield

He said both countries are partners in the logical way of two governments that accept a shared responsibility.

“We accept the reality in Mexico, as well as in the United States, that 90% of the police, 90% of trials, 90% of prosecutors, of courts, exist in the state and municipal institutions and not in the federal institutions.

-Mr. Brownfield

He underscored that he is one of those people who genuinely believe that the collaboration has produced positive results in recent years and particularly in the last twelve months.

“I think right now we are talking about how we can further improve this positive process. I think we’ve had a lot sacrifices on both sides of the border.” -Mr. Brownfield

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