Peru Now Ranks Number One in World for Cocaine Production

Deputy Assistant Secretary Todd Robinson today reported that Peru ranks number one in the world in cocaine production.

At the Hispanic National Bar Association 36th Annual National Convention, Mr. Robinson said that from 2006 to 2010, experts estimate that narco-traffic has claimed nearly 30,000 lives in Mexico alone.

“Prior to my departure from Guatemala in June of this year, the Mexican Zetas crossed into Peten Province in northern Guatemala and beheaded nearly 30 people who the Zetas perceived as interfering with drug movements.” -Mr. Robinson

He noted that drug gang violence is a serious threat to our neighbors and to our communities. He stressed that United States do not want that violence to expand or to cross into the U.S.

“Of course you know who is the biggest consumer of cocaine? Yes, indeed, the United States. A large percentage of those drugs end up here in the United States affecting all of our communities; from New York to San Diego, and from Seattle to Miami.” -Mr. Robinson

Mr. Robinson noted that in Mexico, the United States work with Assistant U.S. Attorneys in the Department of Justice who are introducing Mexican prosecutors and investigators to the adversarial system through a 2-week training, culminating in a mock trial.

He pointed out that the Department of State is investing billions of dollars in security sector assistance in Latin America.

“We need to make the most of that assistance. With the proximity to our borders, the expansion of drug trafficking organizations, gangs violence, trafficking in persons and weapons, we do not have a moment to rest.” -Mr. Robinson

Mina Fabulous
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