Is Issue of Espionage Hampering Relationship Between US and Brazil?

With the controversial issue that United States is spying on other countries, US Secretary John Kerry today addressed the issues saying that the topic will not hamper the US relationship with Brazil in any way.

In his remarks with Brazilian Foreign Minister Antonio de Aguiar Patriota after their meeting, in Barzil Secretary asnwers the question directly to the people of the democratic country to stay focused on the important realities of US-Brazil relationship, the bilateral relations between two countries which continue to grow stronger and stronger.

“We share democratic values and we share a commitment to diversity and we share a determination to improve opportunities for our people.” – Secretary Kerry

He adds that the U.S.-Brazil relationship has the opportunity to provide extraordinary positive global impact if both continue to work together on these kinds of issues, on the environment and science and technology and sustainable energy, nonproliferation, on access to education, on disaster management, and on strong trade ties, strong investment ties, energy cooperation, sustainable development cooperation.

American embassy in Brasilia.

“All of these things need to remain in the forefront of people’s minds as you consider this question of the national security revelations that have upset some people and created questions in others.” -Secretary Kerry

Kerry explains the importance of foreign intelligence to protect Americans and people around the world.

Secretary Kerry says he can’t discuss with the operational issues, however he tells very definitively the Congress of the United States passed on a law after 9/11 when we were attacked by al-Qaida.

He says the US government began a process of trying to understand before they attacked us what these kinds of plots might be.

He further adds that the executive department of our government, after a law was passed by Congress which met our legal standards and passed the muster of law, then implemented the program with the supervision of our judiciary.

“So all three branches of the American Government have been involved in reviewing this particular program.” – Secretary Kerry

US and Brazil engaged in protecting their citizens

According to Secretary Kerry, US government works very directly with Brazil and expresses his appreciation to the Foreign Minister and to Brazilian officials who have visited Washington, and they will continue to have this dialogue.

“And we will have this dialogue with a view to making certain that your government is in complete understanding and complete agreement with what it is that we think we must do to provide security not just for Americans but for Brazilians and for people in the world.” – Secretary Kerry

Secretary Kerry emphasizes that he repectfully say to everybody that the United States, as the President Barack Obama said last Friday, the United States gathers foreign intelligence of the type gathered by all nations in order to protect their citizens, in order to protect our citizens.

He says its activities are firmly based on law and they are subject to oversight by all of the branches of US government.

The US government is convinced that its intelligence collection has positively helped the US to protect its nation from a variety of threats, not only protect its nation but protect other people in the world, including Brazilians.

He says the US government is engaged now with the Brazilian Government.

“We will stay very closely engaged with the Brazilian Government, and I can promise you that President Obama is determined that the United States will live up to the highest standards both of cooperation, of transparency, and accountability, in keeping with our ability to be able to protect ourselves and to protect others in the world.” – Secretary Kerry

US and Brazil collaborate on global issues

Both countries have expert exchanges on clean and conventional energies, including biofuels, in the context of their Strategic Energy Dialogue.

Both countries also collaborate on sustainable urban development and planning as part of the Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas.

Both countries recently launched a Joint Initiative on Urban Sustainability that will leverage investments in sustainable infrastructure, green building, intelligent transportation, and clean energy projects.

Both countries are taking that partnership to a new level, one that brings concrete benefits to the citizens and to the world.

The United States recognizes Brazil not just a rising power, but a diverse, vibrant, and democratic rising power. Brazil is an essential player in a world in which shared global challenges are met with more resilient twenty-first century partnerships.

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