Is Brazil An Important Partner in US Nonproliferation Efforts?

The Obama administration today undercored that Brazil is an important partner to the United States in its nonproliferation efforts.

During an interview with Igor Gielow of Folha de Sao Paulo in Brazil, Under Secretary Rose Gottemoeller said the United States respects Brazil’s right to make its own decisions about the right time to adhere to the Additional Protocol.

However, Ms. Gottemoeller pointed out there are international dangers of nuclear weapons proliferation in her view that it makes sense for the responsible countries to have the highest possible safeguards.

“We see the Additional Protocol as really being “the” global standard, of the highest possible safeguards. So from that perspective, to us it is in Brazil’s interest to consider adherence to the Additional Protocol.” -Ms. Gottemoeller

Christ the Redeemer and the Statue of Liberty, iconic symbols of Brazil and the United States, respectively.

Ms. Gottemoeller says Brazil stands out as a positive example for countries in theregion, and for developing countries around the world.

“You’ve made a decision not to pursue nuclear weapons, and therefore gained considerable credibility on nonproliferation issues.” -Ms. Gottemoeller

Ms. Gottemoeller is looking forward to the upcoming dialogue with Brazil’s leaders because she thinks it adds fresh energy to that partnership.

Brazil has already made an informed and responsible decision not to pursue nuclear weapons and it is a strong democracy with a growing economy and a history of peaceful relations with its neighbors.

Ms. Gottemoeller stresses that that there is much in the role that Brazil can play as an exemplar of leadership in the nonproliferation area.

During the interview, Ms. Gottemoeller also expressed concern about the proliferation effects of Iran acquiring nuclear weapons.

The United States emphasize so strongly the need to apply the pressure and keep up the diplomatic pace with regard to Iran.

“At the same time, I think Brazil has already made a very important decision some time ago, not to pursue nuclear weapons, and your country is already proving itself in the international community as a strong democracy.” -Ms. Gottemoeller

She underscores that Brazil is already in a position of an international leadership role.

She cites that Brazil’s president will soon be coming to the United States and meeting with president Obama.

There a number of arenas where the United States is working to strengthen its joint agenda with Brazil.

“We hope that this dialogue, which is one that we have really wanted strengthen and intensify, we hope our upcoming visit will only add impetus to our efforts to work together on nonproliferation issues.” -Ms. Gottemoeller

The United States believes that the Additional Protocol should be considered an essential international standard for Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) safeguards and that all NPT Parties should conclude and bring into force the Additional Protocol. The United States brought its Additional Protocol into force in January 2009 and now is fully implementing the Agreement.

South Africa, Argentina and Brazil are known as non-nuclear-weapon States, which meant South Africa relinquished its nuclear weapons and Argentina and Brazil gave up serious nuclear weapons ambitions.

The implementation of the New START Treaty is well underway since it entered forced on 5th of February 2011.

On the Treaty’s first birthday, February 5, 2012, the process so far has been positive and pragmatic. The good working relationship of both countries established during the negotiations in Geneva continues today.

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