US Slams Cuba’s Arbitrary Detention of Activists

The recent arbitrary detention of more than 160 democratic dissidents has received criticism from the United States of America.

At least 162 activists in eastern Cuba were detained as they angrily demonstrated on the surging growing detentions of opposition activists.

In a press statement in Washington DC, Deputy Department Spokesperson Marie Harf said the US government condemned the unconstitutional detention of freedom activists.

“We are deeply concerned about the recent increase in arbitrary detentions, physical violence, and other abusive actions carried out by the Cuban Government against peaceful human and civil rights advocates.” – Ms. Harf

Ms Harf pointed out that the recent detention Jorge Luis Garcia Perez also known as “Antunez,” is the latest example of Cuban Government harassment against the Government’s critics.

A US Navy sailor during a livefire exercise at the Mobile Inshore Underwater Warfare Site (MIUW) at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

“Freedoms of expression and assembly are internationally recognized human rights, and the Cuban Government remains the outlier in the Western Hemisphere with its lack of respect for these rights.” – Ms. Harf

In addition, the US condemns the Cuban Government’s continued harassment and repeated use of arbitrary detention, at times with violence, to silence critics, disrupt peaceful assembly, and intimidate independent civil society.

The US is urging the Government of Cuba to end the practice of arbitrary detentions and to allow Cuban citizens to express their opinions freely and to assemble peacefully.

Cuban Police and State Security agents started detaining the dissidents as they left their homes for the cathedral in Cuba’s largest city to organize a protest rally.

US-Cuba Relations

Relations between the US and Cuba have long been strained and making headlines around the world. Since 1960, the US has maintained an economic embargo against Cuba.

The U.S. embargo was reinforced in October 1992 by the Cuban Democracy Act prohibiting foreign-based subsidiaries of U.S. companies from trading with Cuba, travel to Cuba by U.S. citizens, and family remittances to Cuba.

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