Summer Road Trip Safety – Have Fun and Stay Safe on the Roads

Tips and tricks for summer traveling in the car

Driving is tough, and dangerous to boot, but there are more threats during the summertime. More congestion, construction, heat, and teen drivers are just a few of the concerns on the roads between Memorial and Labor Day. Whether you’re going on a long-distance road trip or just cruising around town, here are a few helpful tips (besides wearing your seatbelt) to keep you safe this summer:

Tune It Up

Any summer plans?
Summer Road Trip Safety

It may seem like a hassle, but get a car check-up (oil change, tire pressure, battery, etc.). This will save you worry, time, and possibly money. Getting a service check-up is a preventative measure that protects you and is better for the health of your vehicle. In addition to taking your vehicle into the shop for a tune-up, stock an emergency roadside kit in your trunk. In the case of a freak accident or breakdown, you’ll have flares, a flashlight, and first aid kit ready.

Slow Down

I know you hear this all the time, but drive carefully and abide by speed limits and construction zone warnings. In 2015, August had the most crash related deaths, according to the Insurance Institution for Highway Safety. Dangers on the roads in the summer also include teens. With school out, younger, more inexperienced drivers go out far more often, and are more likely to be involved in accidents. The summer months are more dangerous due to more people driving; collisions are far more common than in the winter (February has the fewest crash-related deaths!).

Eyes on the Road

With GPS, phones, radios, and talking passengers, distracted driving is becoming the norm. Over 3,400 people died in 2015 and nearly 400,000 people were injured because of drivers not paying enough attention. Texting is by far the worst distraction, as many people avert their eyes from the road to respond to incoming messages. Best advice? Put your phone away, on silent and out of view while on the roads this summer.

Leave the Buzz at Home

Especially on holidays, Americans drink (or do drugs) and drive more than ever. Summer holidays have fewer drinking and driving related offenses, but DUIs are still a common event. “Driving during the summer months can be rough, with teens out of school, long trips, and parties. But drinking under the influence only makes matters worse. You’re endangering yourself and the lives of others,” says Sherry Cross, attorney at Los Angeles DUI Attorney. “It’s better to avoid driving if you’re under the influence of anything, even one drink.”

Take a Health Check

With the summer heat and the sun taking a toll on you, be sure to hydrate and stay cool while driving. In addition to taking care of your car, take care of yourself out on the roads. Stock your car with bottled water, cool clothing, and fans (if you don’t have A/C). Pull over if you feel lightheaded or tired. Get enough sleep and eat healthy too. You’ll be a better driver if you’re at your best!

These tips will help you have fun and travel safe this summer, and make driving on the roads easier for everyone!