Overstated Violence in Acapulco Not Affecting The Seasoned Traveler

It wasn’t too long ago that Acapulco was noted as one of the most exciting vacation cities of the world. The Mexican Riviera has been a favorite get-away for celebrities, socialites and the world’s “Rich and Famous” for over 60 years. Today, with industry flourishing in cities like Guadalajara, Mexico City and Monterrey, the wealthy of Mexico still turn to Acapulco for their weekends in the sun. But there’s a well kept secret that gets no publicity at all. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will surely change.

The violence depicted in news accounts in Acapulco is all about the publicity of a war on drugs that has been commonplace in Mexico for many years. Most of the activity is the result of successful police and federal raids on outlying areas known to harbor cartel members.

And although the drug war makes the overall crime rate rise, this exciting cosmopolitan city has more visible police protection and is safer than most U.S. cities of the same size and population. The media sensationalizes every mention but it doesn’t stop the seasoned traveler.

“We have been taking corporate and vacation travelers to Acapulco for over 20 years without an incident” says Michael Breheny, the owner of Chicago-based, American Marketing and operator of the Acapulco Life of the Rich and Famous Travel Incentive Programs. “We bring groups of 25 to 200 to Acapulco for a week of luxury and relaxation without ever using a hotel. Our guests live the opulent life of the rich and famous in multi-million dollar private villas in the mountains overlooking the city. Everything that you can expect in luxury service and accommodations is right here in this great city and we intend to keep on coming.”

The groups that have contracted with American Marketing have all repeated the trip with some returning to Acapulco ten or more times.

Did you ever wonder why there are no TV ads promoting Acapulco? Well, this reporter can only speak from experience. The rich and famous of Mexico (the world’s richest business man is Mexican) love their Riviera just the way it is and it gets better every day. The drug war is common news that doesn’t affect their travel plans at all.

If you are personally hosted by the right travel company and approach this great city from the right perspective it shouldn’t affect yours either.

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