Luxury Swiss Ski Chalets Satisfy Holiday Dreams

Stories based around Switzerland remain with people for life, and spark exciting, romantic ideas of staying in a Swiss chalet. Tempston Luxury, a luxury villa & chalet company, satisfies the desires of people to fulfil their dream of staying in a luxury chalet while taking in the beautiful views and atmosphere of Switzerland.

Switzerland has a population of almost 8.5 million people. It covers 41,290 sq km, about twice the size of Wales in the UK, or twice the size of New Jersey in the USA. Whereas both Wales and New Jersey are relatively flat, Switzerland is exciting, mountainous and dramatically scenic. As one of the most developed countries in the world, it is a magical luxury travel destination.


One of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland is Verbier, at the top of the scenic Route De Verbier. Tempston Luxury says Verbier, with a population of around 2,000, is an exciting all-round resort, with the very best of Switzerland’s luxury chalets.

While relatively small, Verbier is an exhilarating, busy town, full of the bright colours worn by skiers, in the many ski rental shops and lively bars. For transport, there are regular buses and electric cars.

The luxury chalets come in a range of sizes, catering for two people, or up to 20 or more. The larger accommodations are estates, taking luxury as far as the imagination can stretch.

Some are single-level properties, while others are luxurious mountain lodges, some with penthouse views.

Verbier caters for a range of holiday and business groups: families, friends, birthdays, and corporates. In the winter season, snow conditions are almost always perfect, for active participants, for viewing and photography or simply for inspiration.

verbier luxury penthouse chalet view.
Verbier Luxury Penthouse Chalet View


A beautiful two-hour drive by road from Verbier is Zermatt, a larger town of almost 6,000 people, close to the Matterhorn.

Tempston Luxury hand-picks its Zermatt luxury chalets, most with a penthouse, catering for 2 to 14 or more persons. There are 2nd story apartments and 4th storey central penthouses. In Zermatt, there are unmatched views of the Matterhorn, some with private balcony hot-tubs, that provide perfect views of the setting sun and stars rising over the Matterhorn while enjoying champagne.

“Every property in our Zermatt collection is there because it caught our eye for luxury. Every chalet or apartment is selected because it offers something unique. There isn’t a bigger or better choice of Zermatt luxury vacation rentals, anywhere,” Tempston Luxury co-founder, Cameron Temple, says.

Many Zermatt chalets and apartments include catering options. The level of service varies from property to property, from bed and breakfast options, to fully catered 7-course Michelin star evening meals. At last count, there were 117 local restaurants in Zermatt, and more than 50 in the surrounding mountains. This is perfect for travellers who want to access the wide selection of self-catered properties and sample the local cuisine.

Some Zermatt chalets are fully staffed, with daily cleaning, linen and towel changes, drinks packages, personal shopping experiences, and designer bathroom products. For energetic visitors, equipment and ski passes can be ready on arrival, to make the most of their time. Some properties include wellness areas with saunas, swimming pools and exercise areas.

zermatt luxury chalet.
Zermatt Luxury Chalet interior.

Special Features

Special features available in many luxury chalets include fine dining rooms, underground swimming pools, spas, cinema rooms, balcony hottubs, ground floor wellness areas with saunas, hammams, hottubs, massage areas, and gyms. Chef service and butler service can be arranged.

A smaller selection of luxury chalets are perfect for corporate retreats, with superfast wifi, meeting room, luxurious wellness area and enough bedrooms to cater for an entire office.

For more information about Luxury Swiss Chalets, visit the Tempston Luxury website, or call UK: +44(0)20 8133 3102 | US: +1 347 480 1507.

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