Travis Outlaw, More Than a Sixth Man?

After Tuesday’s night defeat against the Heat, the Portland Trail Blazers fall to a 12 – 8 record and stretch their losing streak to three games. With a lackadaisical performance, the Blazers were never a threat against the visiting team, as the Heat never trailed against Portland.

With steady productivity and hard-nosed performances by big man Greg Oden and off the bench veteran Juwan Howard, who was playing for injured LaMarcus Aldridge, not many of the other Blazer players stepped up at the jam packed Rose Garden arena.

With the completion of their ninth game after their Charlotte Bobcats victory, where the loss of the highly anticipated contender for the sixth man award during last year’s season, Travis Outlaw, happened. He was only able to watch his team from the bench, in street clothes. After a broken foot injury sidelined him for 3 to 5 months.

Although, the season is relatively new, and only twenty games deep, the Blazers are still four games above fifty-fifty. But two of the last three defeats came at home. A team that just last season was really hard to play against in the hallowed walls of the Rose Garden, has now lost four at home.

So, is Travis Outlaw a missed piece in the locker room, while he nurses his injury? The quiet lengthy man, fellow players have nicknamed “Catfish” is a player on the Portland Trail Blazers team that is absently needed. A player that takes clutch shots to win games and isn’t afraid to accept pressured moments during quarters of a basketball game.

Another thing Travis brought is defense. Blocks are always good, and Greg Oden at the moment is taking care of that stat. However, too many easy baskets for the Miami Heat were evident during last night’s game.

The Blazer’s play the Rockets next, on Nov. 5th. Again…at home.

Garrett Smedley is an author and freelance writer who writes for online websites and a magazine publication and enjoys writing screenplays and playing guitar. Contact Garrett through NewsBlaze.