Table Tennis And Other Sports Are Controversial Olympic Events

When thinking about the heavy competition of the Olympics, wrestling, gymnastics, or even synchronized swimming often come to mind. Table tennis, or its more colloquial name, ping pong, isn’t always the first thing on that list. It doesn’t have the longest Olympic history; table tennis began to be featured in the Olympics in 1988. Since that time, it has been included as an event in both singles and doubles for men and women.

Some argue that table tennis isn’t enough of a sport and that it should not be featured in the Olympics. The Australian Olympic Committee has recently decreased funding for their Olympic table tennis team. They reason that their country will find more success in other events. With more popular summer sports such as swimming and gymnastics often being promoted and featured, it can be easy to overlook table tennis.

Other sports, such as wrestling, have also faced Olympic controversy in recent years. It had originally been reported that wrestling was to be taken out of the 2020 Olympics amid much contention. There is a long history of wrestling in the Olympic games and the sport was reinstated after many people protested its removal.

Although some discount the gravity of table tennis, it is very popular and taken seriously in China and in other countries. There is much more to table tennis than the simple table and rackets that are found sitting in basements or recreation centers. Olympic table tennis teams are able to reach peak performance by using high tech rackets and high quality tables.

One of the best things about table tennis as an Olympic sport is that is is something that anybody can try their hand at, unlike some other sports such as gymnastics. A really great way to recreationally participate in this Olympic sport is by playing outdoors. The best outdoor table tennis table reviews can help potential players find a table for their own practice. There is much more to a table tennis table than a piece of wood with some paint. Selecting the right table can really alter how enjoyable the sport can be for players.

Although it won’t be as high tech as those of the professional table tennis athletes, it’s still a great activity for anyone to try. At least for now, table tennis remains on the Olympic slate.

Melissa Thompson
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