Stikoji Launches 2016 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup Pack for NASCAR Emoji Garage

LOS ANGELES, Calif. (September 18, 2016) – Emoji app creator Stikoji, Inc. announces today that NASCAR Emoji Garage – the exciting FREE app that allows racing enthusiasts to experience and express their passion in a fresh and fun way – now offers a special 2016 Chase for the NASCAR Sprint Cup pack. NASCAR Emoji Garage is available for FREE download on Apple and Android mobile devices.



In addition, the company is creating a whole suite of new intellectual property for NASCAR and the Emoji Garage. A newly designed line of over 50 “Happy Racers” will include all main NASCAR teams, Pace Cars, Vintage Racers and Fun Cars.

“We believe that these cars will strongly resonate with a younger fan base,” said Klaus Moeller, Founder of Stikoji, Inc.

NASCAR Emoji Garage is the ultimate app for all NASCAR fans wanting to show their fandom on social media, through text messages and more. The app is designed to be a platform for fans to engage with their favorite teams and drivers through the use of themed stickers. In addition to several pay-packs available when the app first launches, there will be an ongoing flow of free sticker emojis and pay-packs.

“Stikoji, Inc creates the next generation of emoji APPs that will help sports teams, personalities, musicians and celebrities stay highly engaged with their fans while creating stunning IP and offering amazing viral marketing opportunities for third party sponsors,” said Moeller. “We are extremely proud to launch this officially-licensed APP with NASCAR Team Properties. It has been an incredible pleasure to work with NTP and all of the teams and drivers to create the stunning NASCAR Emoji Garage APP.”

Continually building its presence on social media, Emoji Garages Facebook fan page crossed 50,000 likes after only two months.

About Stikoji
Stikoji, Inc. is a next generation digital marketing engagement agency. Through our proprietary platform of interactive Emoji Apps, we enable sports and entertainment properties, athletes and celebrities to engage with their fans, sponsors and marketing partners in a highly personal manner 365 days a year. Founded by industry leaders Richard Blackstone, Klaus Moeller and Bernard Cahill, Stikoji provides the creative development and brand expertise to deliver bespoke transactional solutions to the sports, entertainment and corporate communities. For more information, visit us at

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Kyle Busch NASCAR.
Kyle Busch NASCAR. Image: Stikoji, Inc.
Napa Autoparts NASCAR.
Napa Autoparts NASCAR. Image: Stikoji, Inc.
Awesome NASCAR.
Awesome NASCAR. Image: Stikoji, Inc.
Americar NASCAR.
Americar NASCAR. Image: Stikoji, Inc.
En Fuego NASCAR.
En Fuego NASCAR. Image: Stikoji, Inc.
Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR.
Earnhardt Jr. NASCAR. Image: Stikoji, Inc.
Fabulous Hudson NASCAR.
Fabulous Hudson NASCAR. Image: Stikoji, Inc.

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