Sacramento Champion Monarchs Release 2007 Schedule

The 2006 Western Conference Champion Sacramento Monarchs have released their 2007 schedule

The schedule features many exciting matchups including the June 2 Home Opener against the Los Angeles Sparks and the highly anticipated 2006 Finals rematch against the Detroit Shock on May 19 on ABC, the first of five nationally-televised games for the Monarchs.

The Monarchs, 2006 WNBA Western Conference Champions, host the Los Angeles Sparks in their Home Opener on Saturday, June 2, in a rematch of the 2006 WNBA Western Conference Finals. Their season begins with their first four games on the road, including the WNBA season opener against the 2006 WNBA Champion Detroit Shock on Saturday, May 19, to be nationally televised on ABC.

In addition, newly appointed Head Coach Jenny Boucek will face off against her former team, the Seattle Storm, on June 7 at ARCO Arena. The 2007 season promises to be another exciting year for the back-to-back WNBA Finals participants.

Sacramento Monarchs

By month, the schedule breaks down as follows: May (0 home, 4 away = 4 total), June (8 home, 4 away = 12 total), July (5 home, 4 away = 9 total) and August (4 home, 5 away = 9 total).

The Monarchs will play 20 games (10 home, 10 away) before the WNBA All-Star break and 14 games (7 home, 7 away) after. They will play all teams in the Eastern Conference twice and all teams in the Western Conference four times, except for Houston and Seattle, which will be three games each.

Of the 11 road trips, eight are single game and the other three road trips are two, three and four games in length. The four-game trip includes Indiana (August 5), Connecticut (August 7), San Antonio (August 9) and Houston (August 10).

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