Different Ways To Work Out Without Money Embraced Around The World

A few years ago the talk of the town for working out was going to the gym. This is when many different gyms sprang up all around the world. Since the financial crisis of 2008, fewer people have the money to go to flashy gyms.

The financial crisis didn’t stop doctors recommending exercise to improve health. For example, in February 2016, doctors started recommending yoga for heart disease patients. Two weeks ago, a California doctor was recognized for achievements in sports medicine and the exercise sciences.

Fortunately, new research shows that going to the gym is not necessary. Cancelling the membership and still being able to work out is a reality that everyone should be aware of.

According to recent research, here are the most common ways people now work out on a limited budget.


Running is highly popular since it offers a good workout in any outdoor setting, from forests to parks. There are normally jogging and running trails in large parks and high schools even allow people to use tracks, sometimes for free. If you have no other access to workout options, you can run in the street if you avoid the cars.

Generally speaking, it is a good idea to run early in the day, before work. After-hours running is difficult for some people since they may be too tired. The only thing you need to spend money on is quality running shoes that support your feet and other joints.


Yoga is a wonderfully easy-access exercise, because you do not need anything other than a mat or a towel. The recent news that Ana Heart Yoga Shop launches in US was welcomed by many yoga practitioners. This is a good example of an online store where you can find anything you need for yoga at a very low price. Although yoga needs little equipment, other than a quality mat, more professional yoga clothes are of benefit.

When starting out with yoga, most people just use some comfortable clothes they already have. Another great thing about yoga is that many routines for practice are available free online.

Yoga can be practiced alone, but with a friend, you can watch each other for proper posture and avoid injury.

work out without money - yoga
Amit working out without money – yoga.

Public Courts

In most cities around the world, public game courts are available. You can easily take advantage of them when the weather is great. Look for tennis, badminton, handball, volleyball or basketball courts that are free for residents. While you need to take some equipment with you, the fact that you can practice for free offers a great workout option with minimal investment.

Exercise Videos For Home

If you look online you will find hundreds of different ways to work out at home without paying for this experience. Alternatively, you can visit online and discount stores to buy low-cost exercise videos. For instance, you can get Tae Bo, Yoga or step aerobics workouts that you can perform anywhere, anytime.

These are just a few of the ways to work out, spending little or no money. Just find something you want to do and there will often be an affordable way to do it. Youtube is a great resource to search for ways that other people keep fit at low cost.