The Best Energy Drinks for a Long Summer Night

Summer is great for long nights and tons of fun. People don’t want to be tired and miss out on all the excitement.

Energy drinks will help one stay cool and energized. There are so many brands to choose from, so it’s up to the person which to pick.

If someone plays sports in the summer or enjoys outdoor activities that may be another reason he would purchase an energy drink.

Caffeine intake and other ingredients may impact their choice on the best energy drinks. Keep in mind a commercial ice machine will come in handy to keep the drinks cold and refreshing.

Top of the Line Energy Drinks

Brands such as Monster and Red Bull have been around for some time. Those who buy energy drinks on the regular know of other great brands and have their favorites lined up.

Below are 5 of the most popular energy drinks on the market.

  • Rock Star

Rock Star began creating energy drinks over a decade ago in 2001. This is one of the biggest brands on the market.

One can find this drink at local grocery stores, drug stores, gas stations and even Amazon.

  • Red Bull

When someone hears the term energy drink, he may automatically think of this brand. Red Bull is extremely popular and reputable.

Recently they began incorporating different flavors other than the original. Tropical, Coconut Berry and Cranberry are just some of the new flavors they’ve incorporated.

  • AMP

The allure of this energy drink is their claim to be organic. Organic and all natural foods and drinks are becoming more popular.

Like other energy drinks, they’re packed with caffeine and B vitamins to heighten one’s energy levels.

This drink also comes in a variety of flavors such as Pineapple Coconut, Citrus, Grape and Tropical Burst.

  • Monster

Monster is another one of those infamous energy drink brands. The only complaint consumers have about this brand is the taste.

Monster is a very bitter beverage, but it definitely gets the job done. Try different flavors to see which ones someone may like.

  • NOS

This brand is sold in grocery stores and local drug stores as well. NOS is owned by Coca-Cola products. These cans only come in 16 and 24 ounces.

This is a plus for many since Red Bull comes in smaller sizes. One may get more from his money with this brand.

Occasions to Use Energy Drinks

The summertime is packed with all sorts of activities from festivals, to fundraisers. Special events like wedding receptions are also a great time to get up on someone’s energy levels.

If someone is hosting a big event, he may need a commercial ice machine to provide a way to cool his drinks.

Consider buying a Manitowoc ice machine from the Commercial Ice Makers website.

Now that there is a clear idea of the best energy drinks around and know of a great ice machine which can be used to begin to party all night without worrying about getting tired.

Melissa Thompson
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