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Plays Their Part in The Great American Pastime

If the illustrious American baseball broadcaster who covered four Major League baseball teams, beginning with the St. Louis Cardinals and ending with the Chicago Cubs, were still alive today – he would be completely excited and on-board with the fantastic products being offered by

When we remember the words of Roy Campanella who said, “You gotta’ be a man to play baseball for a living, but you gotta’ have a lot of little boy in you,” we’re all reminded of that first “walk” we took to the mound. Whether holding that ball behind our backs waiting to throw a strike; or, gripping that bat against our shoulder, just knowing that we were gonna’ make it sail right over the fence, baseball uniforms were the one thing that made us stand out. They made us feel like we were part of a team – something bigger than ourselves. And, thankfully, that enjoyment is still around today. At, we’re not only talking uniforms. This fantastic site offers baseball jerseys and pants; high school and custom baseball uniforms; softball uniforms, as well as warm-ups. This site has it all, and at the best prices available. Some even 50% off!!

Did you know that Roy Campanella graduated from Simon Gratz High School in Philadelphia? He wore his very first uniform in that school and went on to have his number retired and inducted into the Hall of Fame. You never know where or when dreams are going to be made – and you never know, as you sit on the bleachers on a warm Saturday afternoon, if that baseball jersey you’re looking at and the boy wearing that big, bold number will someday become the next Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio.

Baseball – the American Pastime – endures because of its amazing history. The illustrious “cast” of well-known and unforgettable athletes who played the most incredible games and won masses of cheering fans with their immense talent and huge accomplishments, had their baseball uniforms go down in history.

Not only does offer fantastic savings that are extremely special for you and your team, but they also offer unbeatably priced package deals for the items that your team needs. In these hard economic times, they offer the best deals in custom baseball team uniforms, which include custom twill lettering and numbers in two or three-color twill for only $80.00 per set. This can even include the individual names on the back. These are, literally the best price on the market…guaranteed!

You also have the option of purchasing major league uniforms or minor league uniforms. There are so many options when choosing your team’s apparel! The most popular being stock uniforms, where you can add custom lettering. You can choose from stock baseball uniforms or stock softball uniforms, and ‘blanks’ can be shipped the exact same day. Order twelve or more, and you can get 25% off. Want an even better deal? Mention this article when you purchase and you will then receive 30% off stock uniforms! Custom lettering takes two weeks to ship, but if you and your team are in a rush, lettering can be done in only four-five days. And the most amazing news? You and your team can get 50% off of “Custom Baseball Uniforms or even Design Your Own!” There are no better more exciting discounts than these!

As we all know, there’s something special about the baseball uniform. There is an amazing mystique to an item that has been a part of America for such a long time. Whether we are the spectators cheering our team, or we’re lucky enough to be the ones actually trying on the uniform and then standing in front of the mirror as pictures of DiMaggio and Ruth dance inside our heads, it is almost a feeling of pride that washes over us. It is a monumental moment when that feeling of patriotism goes straight to the soul. The ‘greats’ pop into mind as the feeling of the new fabric (like the scent of an old book is to a constant reader) fills every sense we have. The design on the cap and jersey, the colors, cut, and history of the outfit, all lend meaning to our relationship with the game. That’s why, as we grow into adulthood and probably don’t become DiMaggio, we are still riveted to that sound and fury that goes along with sitting at the ballpark and witnessing, at times, history being made.

The first official baseball uniform was actually worn in 1849 by the Knickerbocker Base Ball Club of New York City. Unlike some of the “spiffier” garb that’s worn by our heroes of today, the Knickerbocker Ball Club was clothed in a simple outfit comprised of a white flannel shirt, blue wool pants, and a straw hat. Every kid or teen in the world today, if offered that choice, would probably run for the hills as fast as possible. When they stare at their heroes’ on the ball field nowadays – their modern-day idols who are the “face” of the Major league – are always standing on the mound or at bat in brilliant colors, synthetic blend fabrics, and have faces on them that look just like the “little boys at the ballpark,” as Campanella once inferred. The numbers are big, bold, and rich – and the wearer is always dreaming in the back of his mind of his induction ceremony one day; the day that his own big, bold number is retired and no one can ever don that particular winning number again.

This wonderful site,, knows what it takes to place that smile on it’s wearer as they step to the plate and become an integral part of, what will always be, our national pastime. With the sublimated uniforms that are up to 35% off, you receive logos, numbers, artwork and players names that are directly dyed into the fabric to eliminate excess weight and enhance your performance. And they are guaranteed never to crack, peel or fade. There is a huge variety of sublimated designs for a unique and personalized uniform, and all styles are available in any color combination and any jersey cut. There are hats and visors, duffel bags, jackets, cleats, baseball team warm-ups…you name it, they’ve got it, and you will be BEYOND impressed by their extremely fast delivery and excellent quality. And, I can’t say this enough, with offers of 25%, 30% and 50% off of certain items; there is no better place to buy! The time is now!

Go back to the ballpark, and give you and your team the perfect baseball uniform that is sure to launch an awe-inspiring dream!

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