2008 Face of America Bike Ride

Mark your calendars! May 3 and 4, 2008 is this year’s Face of America Bike Ride. The picture is of the woman who is the driving force behind the “Team CJ McGee.”

CJ McGee and daughter

…a heads up on an event that my brothers Jack and Brian will to participate in, with me, this May 3rd and 4th. It is called the 2008 Face of America Bike Ride, and it is a 110 mile bicycle ride starting at Walter Reed Hospital in Bethesda MD, and finishing in Gettysburgh, PA. The purpose is to honor and assist our disabled veterans returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is an all-inclusive ride and anyone can join us.

Last year’s ride, Con and I attended the finish as spectators and supporters, and provided handmade banners, hung along the course, designed and decorated on twin bed sheets by students from Drexel Hill Middle School eighth grade homerooms. It was our Julie’s idea to ask her classmates to take on this project. They did a great job and 16 banners proudly hung along the route.

This year we plan to join in the ride and complete it as support riders, and also raise funds in support of these brave heroes. I can’t tell you what an amazing and inspiring experience it is to see the drive and determination of these guys. Many ride hand crank adaptive bicycles and some ride their standard performance bikes while wearing their prosthetics. Not one of them complains or feels that they were dealt a bad hand. Even though they returned home with some very serious physical injuries, their spirit is far from broken.

We named our team, “Team CJ McGee” in honor of our mom, Carolyn Julia McGee, who recently passed from Cancer. Mom enjoyed being involved with Soldiers Angels, and helping with support for my active military “adoptees” while they were on deployment. We think this is a great way to pay tribute to her and her sense of “family.” With our mom, once you walked in the door, or became a part of her life, you were “family.”

I can’t do this without the help of sponsors, so I am asking for your help. Please sponsor my team. Any amount, no matter how little will be greatly appreciated, It all adds up. Our goal is to raise $6,000.00. I am providing a direct link to our team page, where donations can be directly made, and credited to “Team C J McGee.” You will also be provided a receipt for income tax purposes. It is very user friendly, so check us out. If you are not able to support us at this time, would you be kind enough to spread the word and share this story with other family members and friends? Thanks again for your support and we will see you at the finish!

If any of you would be interested in joining us as riders, we would love to have you along for the ride!

The writer of that is a friend of mine, who also ‘happens’ to be a Soldiers’ Angel. Mum CJ was also a Soldiers’ Angel, a lifetime supporter of our troops. And that is CJ and her daughter in the photo above. This is an awesome event and our wounded will also be there. Go here to see general information about this event. To find out more about Team CJ McGee, go here. Check it out, and see how you can help! On May 3, I just may see you all in Washington DC!!!

Thank you for your support. I believe that CJ will be cheering her team on.

Gooooooooooo team! 🙂

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