Will The ‘Aqua Buddha Ad’ Destroy Rand Paul Politically Speaking?

Aqua Buddha Ad Rand Paul
What is the net effect of The Aqua Buddha Ad to the senate race in Kentucky? Early harbingers indicate gains for Jack Conway. Does the ad shatter the credibility, the believability, of Rand Paul ragarding his Christian faith? Is Rand Paul a fiscal conservative, but a social liberal?

Internal polling of the Democrats shows Conway pulling ahead. And Rasmussen shows a narrowing of the gap, 47 (Paul)-42 (Conway). These are harbingers that the Aqua Buddha Ad is helping Conway. Kentucky is traditionally a Red State, so this proves that Conway made the politically correct move. As I see it, if Conway can make the case that Paul is fiscally conservative, but has liberal proclivities, socially speaking, he can drive a bone-shattering spike into the radical fringe of the Tea Party.

The most basic thing, is to prove that the story of Paul’s past is true. A Washington Post blogger has verified the facts of these incidents. An unidentified woman who was there says it’s true.“Yes, he was in a secret society, yes, he mocked religion, the whole Aqua Buddha thing happened. There was a different side to him at one time, and he’s pretending that it never existed. If he would just acknowledge it, it would all go away and it wouldn’t matter anymore.”

But Paul can’t admit it. The hard right, which he helped to create, would then condemn him and like Dante, exile him from his Tea Party cronies. That is, ‘Real Conservatives’ require a union of the body politic. Views on taxes and Washington spending should be matched with social conservatism, or strong unwavering Christian faith. With Rand Paul we don’t get that, political and social interiors are yin and yang.

Conway is not questioning his present-day faith, but rather pointing out Paul’s capacity to be antithetical towards Christianity, since, when in this secret society he mocked the Baptist faith. This may have been immaturity, but it reveals Paul as having a propensity for Free-Thinking, that’s not in line with the Evangelicals. I know nothing of this ‘Aqua Buddha Cult,’ but it sounds as pagan as all get out!

As far as namby-pamby liberals warning that it shows a low-blow strategy for Conway, I disagree. Paul would pull out a similar trick in a nanosecond, if he could get his hands on some tabloid dirt on Jack, but he can’t, since Jack is clean. Rand wasn’t afraid to mock the Baptists back in the 1980s and he’s been slugging away for months at the Obama Administration, which he portrays as a Socialist State.

But now the Democrats are slugging back and hitting even harder with blows to the ‘Religious Jaw.’ And it’s working. You have to play hard ball with Rand Paul, that’s all he understands. This will help to get out the vote too, both liberal and conservative. This is easily the most memorable ad of the midterm elections and will be remembered and played long after November 2nd. The more Rand avoids these incidents of the past, the more it comes back to hurt and haunt him.

Rand Paul is more of a Libertarian than he is a Tea Partier. The reason for this, is he is only one half of the equation. Rand is conservative on money matters, but Free-Thinking on social issues. I sense his Christian faith is a facade to make him look like a Whole Conservative. The Aqua Buddha Ad will have the net effect of exposing him to the clear air. It will divide the Tea Party and secure a victory for Jack Conway. Rand Paul is a highly intelligent political figure, but he is also a COMPLETE FAKE!

The Aqua Buddha Ad of Jack Conway