What’s in the Name Hussein?

Juan R.I. Cole, a history professor at the University of Michigan, has written a cogent essay about the number of famous American names of Semitic origin. The essay was prompted by the hate campaign centered on President-elect Barack Hussein Obama’s name.

A repugnant e-mail and radio campaign to connect Barack Obama’s middle name with Muslim terrorism is being waged, and, like all ideologically driven smears, it rides roughshod over the truth.

Many Christian names are of Semitic origin. Many names thought to be Christian are of pre-Christian origin, meaning they have been Christianized by usage.

Juan R.I. Cole
Juan R.I. Cole

The Hussein in Barack Obama’s name is not Muslim, it is not a religious name, it is in fact a pre-Islamic Arab name, meaning the Comely One. True, many Muslims now bear the name, as many Christians bear pre-Christian pagan names. But the hate-mongers want us to believe that the name has something to do with Muslim terrorism. The popularity of the name Hussein derives from its having been borne by the Prophet Muhammed’s grandson.

Raising this bogus issue about it is rather like saying anyone named Sean has something to do with Irish terrorism, a notion we would immediately reject as absurd.

This swift-boating is an insult to the many Americans who bear Arab names, such as Gen. George Joulwan, our former European commander, or Gen. John P. Abizaid, our former Iraq commander, or the poet Naomi Shihab Nye or the late Gen. Omar N. Bradley or Dr. Elias A. Zerhouni, former difrector of the National Institutes of Health, to mention but a few.

Their distinguished military service probably gave Generals Joulwan and Abizaid a pass from this hateful smear. And perhaps Tony Shalhoub’s endearing performance as Monk on television immunizes him against this rabidity.

But the facets of this kind of hatred are many. For example, it isn’t just Islamophobia at work here, it’s pure racism, and any Jew who takes comfort in the venom of the Christian right against Arabs and Islam should remember that such venom can turn on Jews in the wink of an eye, and often has.

Particularly disturbing is the abject failure of the media to clarify a simple fact about Barack Obama’s name whenever the issue arises, namely that Hussein is an ethnic name, not a religious name. Indeed this evening Wolf Blitzer on CNN, reporting the mindless flapdoodle concerning Barack Obama’s name, further muddied the waters by referring matter-of-factly to Hussein as a Muslim name. What is so hard for the media about this problem, considering the sheer amount of paid blather in which we’re bathed every day on airwaves that we all own?

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