What They’re Saying About Calgreen

California’s First-In-the-Nation Green Building Code

Assembly member Cameron Smyth – California Republican Assembly members Thank Governor Schwarzenegger For “All He has Done To Promote These New Green Building Standards”: “First, we thank you for all you have done to promote these new green building standards. Without your leadership, these green building standards never would have seen the light of day.

We believe that these standards offer the best of both worlds by being both strong enough to make substantial improvements in our state’s environment, yet attainable enough that compliance will not cause economic hardship”.(Assembly members Cameron Smyth, Nathan Fletcher, and Anthony Adams, letter sent to Governor Schwarzenegger, January 8, 2010)

ConSol – “As The Administrator Of The California Green Builder Program, ConSol applauds the California Building Commission For Passing The Nation’s First Mandatory Green Building Code”: As the administrator of the California Green Builder Program, ConSol applauds the California Building Commission for passing the nation’s first mandatory green building code…The Tier structure is forward thinking and will help to introduce new and unfamiliar concepts to the design, enforcement and construction communities that may, at a later date, be moved into the mandatory set of green building standards.” (Michael Hodgson, President, Press Statement, January 12, 2010) California Business Properties Association – Governor Schwarzenegger Again Proves “He Has The Mettle To Champion Critical Environmental Protection Measures”: “I commend Governor Schwarzenegger for once again proving he has the mettle to champion critical environmental protection measures.

By maximizing energy resources, slashing water consumption, and reducing waste in every building statewide, California’s communities will be models of green construction practices.

CALGREEN’s voluntary and mandatory provisions have provided an exceptional blueprint to create groundbreaking buildings that ensure California reduces its carbon footprint.” (Rex Hime, President and CEO, press statement, January 12, 2010) Green Building Initiative – CALGREEN Is “A Thoughtful And Tiered Approach”: “As you know, the current version of the GBC [Green Building Code] was proposed after lengthy discussions and debates among all members of the building community, including environmental groups, suppliers and builders.

The result is a thoughtful and tiered approach that members of the building community generally agree they can incorporate, which ultimately will lead to increased adoption and incorporation of green building practices.” (Mark Rossolo, Director State and Local Outreach, letter, January 11, 2010)

Building Owners and Managers Association of California – Governor Schwarzenegger is “Mainstreaming Green Building Practices In California And Proving That He Is Still A Climate Action Hero”: “I praise Governor Schwarzenegger for mainstreaming green building practices in California and proving that he is still a climate action hero. This new building code takes California even further in protecting our environment by diverting 50% of construction waste from landfills and reducing water consumption by 20%.

CALGREEN creates a much needed foundation for green construction, which successfully solidifies green construction methods as permanent tools for the building industry. California should be proud of this great achievement.” (Cindi Langendoen, President, press statement, January 12, 2010) Watson Land Company – “Building GREEN Buildings Is Good For The Environment And Good For Business”: “Watson Land Company has demonstrated that building GREEN buildings is good for the environment and good for business. We commend the Governor and his administration for bringing about the development and adoption of CALGREEN which are the first “Green Building Codes”. (Bruce Choate, President & CEO, press statement, January 12, 2010)

NAIOP, Commercial Real Estate Development Association, SoCal Chapter – CALGREEN Ensures That “Energy Efficiencies, Waste Reduction And Water Conservation Will Occur In Buildings Statewide”: “The Governor knows that energy efficiencies, waste reduction and water conservation are important aspects to protecting the environment, and CALGREEN ensures that both will occur in buildings statewide.

While California is well known for its green innovation, Governor Schwarzenegger is still finding ways to push the envelope. CALGREEN is the first of its kind in the nation, and we as Californians should be proud of that.” (James V. Camp, Legislative Affairs Committee and member of the Board of Directors, press statement, January 12, 2010) Foothill Partners, Inc. – California Is The “First In The Nation To Succeed In Creating A Mandatory Green Building Standards Code”: “I praise the state for being the first in the nation to succeed in creating a mandatory green building standards code.

This code determines what California will accept regarding mandatory green constructions practices and establishes a transparent forecast of what’s to come. California’s commendable efforts to adopt CALGREEN through an accessible and openly public process have translated into a smart, well-developed policy that will green all buildings across the state.” (Doug Wiele, President, Developer of first LEED certified shopping center in California, press statement, January 12, 2010) Kennedy Wilson – The CALGREEN Code “Is Yet One More Critical Accomplishment To Combat Climate Change That the Governor Can Hang His Hat On”: “This is yet one more critical accomplishment to combat climate change that the Governor can hang his hat on. CALGREEN mandates 20% less water use and reduces construction waste by an astonishing fifty percent.

I commend Governor Schwarzenegger for recognizing the importance of establishing a sensible floor of green construction practices, helping the construction industry to reach even higher environmentally sound standards.” (Rob Cord, Senior Managing Director, press statement, January 12, 2010) Majestic Realty – By Adopting The CALGREEN Code, “The Governor Has Now Challenged The Building Industry To Innovatively Incorporate New Standards”: “With the passing of the groundbreaking CALGREEN, the Governor has now challenged the building industry to innovatively incorporate new standards – conserve more water, utilize recycled materials and significantly reduce waste.

We’re looking forward to moving toward the mainstreaming of green construction practices statewide. This is a significant achievement for the Governor, and we applaud his great work.” (Fran Inman, Senior Vice President, press statement, January 12, 2010)

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