Voter Fraud and the ‘Consent Decree’

Inexcusable Actions By Obama

The conclusion was massive voter fraud, awaiting proof. The Obama campaign willingly, or unknowingly, foisted the worst case of voter fraud in US history. Obama, being the recipient of the results, either had full knowledge of the planned results, or refused to acknowledge what happened during the election.

The President of the United States should not be elected with this much voter fraud.

Fraud Proof

It’s Official: Obama Voter Fraud Reason for “Reelection”/growing … resentment is mounting. By each listed link in the previous example, fraud was undoubtedly committed.

Iraqi voters in Nasarwasalam
Nasarwasalam, Iraq (Jan. 30, 2005) Iraqi citizens come out in masses to vote in the first ever Free Elections in Iraq. Iraqi Security Force (ISF) and Marines from Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion, 8th Marines, provide security for the polling sites in Nasarwasalam, Iraq.

But did Obama still win even with all the voter fraud? The known discrepancies gave 5-10% of the vote in ‘swing’ states, to Romney. If one checks, up to 330,000 votes for Obama were placed for Romney in 4 ‘swing’ states (Fl, Oh, Va, & NH), but were given to Obama. Electoral votes from just those 4 states would have given Romney the presidency.

If one takes 5-10% of 124 million votes cast in the election, one gets 6-12 million votes Romney actually received, instead of Obama. With those 4 swing-states so close in the election, 5-10% for Romney easily would change those states to Romney’s column.

Additional Fraud Proof

Of the many voting frauds listed, it’s most interesting how Obama won every state that didn’t fully require photo ID to vote.

The Jag Hunter gives even more details scarier than the last.

Even winning with massive fraud, Obama received 10 million votes less in 2012, than in 2008.

External Influence

Usually some external influence is needed for fraud this large-scale. A race-based Consent Decree Democrat-negotiated against the RNC 30 years ago, still has eliminated their options. GOP officials could be cited for contempt (or fraud this election), if they tried to make sure American elections are fraud-free.

In fact, this case is the Democratic National Committee vs. the Republican National Committee, originally from 1982.

In 1982, Democrats alleged Republicans were attempting to intimidate minority voters in NJ. As a result, legal action somehow forced the RNC to agree to a Consent Decree before a Democrat judge, instead of fighting the claims.

A specific section has been used for 30 years to stop Republicans from any challenge to evidence of voter fraud in voting locations with “racial or ethnic populations.”

Attorney James Bopp (James Madison Center) said “It prevents the RNC from working with state parties in conducting voter integrity activities. It has been used by the DNC to harass the leadership of the RNC with false allegations of violations of the consent decree.”

Bopp said the agreement, even recently with reports of rampant countrywide fraud, prevents the RNC from doing any anti-voter fraud activity on Election Day. Used by the DNC to harass the RNC with false allegations of violations of the Consent Decree, risk of possible election tampering was certain.

From PushBackNow (11/18/12) [DNC Granted Permission to Cheat by RNC Beginning 1982 – PBN …], we get specifics from Chuck Norris on how to eliminate fraud from occurring again. It makes good points on eliminating voter fraud in future elections.

This agreement gives a carte blanche to the DNC to commit vote fraud in every voting district across America per the Consent Decree, with a substantial proportion of ‘racial or ethnic populations’.

The judge who denied the RNC’s appeal in 2010 to vacate the 1982 Consent Decree is an Obama appointee-Joseph Greenaway.

Since 1982, the Consent Decree has been renewed every year by the original judge (Dickinson Debevoise/now 88). Retired, Debevoise returns yearly to renew that order.

The Real Winner

It was obvious Romney was a talented, experienced, proven executive who could have shown America how to be prosperous again. Changing the enforced Decree looks grim. Until, of course, Debevoise dies.

One option would be for the GOP to retreat, or to join the Democrat Party. What GOP members cannot do, if they want to survive and prosper, is forget why they’re not Democrats.

From the American Revolution, we’ve learned Americans do not give up easily, just because the going gets tough.