Two State Solution Not Likely This Year

WASHINGTON – (NewsBlaze) – The prospects for a “Two State Solution” deal in the Israeli- Palestinian conflict are not likely to occur in the remaining nine months Barrack Obama has in office, according to White House Spokesperson Josh Earnest on Tuesday.

Earnest’s remarks came in response to a series of questions about Vice President Biden’s speech to the left leaning J-Street Jewish lobbying organization. Biden said he was “overwhelmingly frustrated” with the Israeli Government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“It is, and that’s something that we’ve expressed in the past, that this is not something that’s likely to happen while President Obama remains in office. The extent of the differences between the two sides are significant enough that it’s not something that’s going to get resolved in the next nine months” stated Josh Earnest.

American Policy On Two State Solution

Earnest’s conviction on the “two state solution” is something that the Obama Administration believes is consistent with the foreign policy of both Republican and Democratic Administrations. Their thinking is that it is to Israel’s benefit to accept the White House’s foreign policy negotiation goals.

Two State Solution, Biden and Netanyahu speaking.
Biden and Netanyahu speaking about Two State Solution, screenshot from Guardian video.

.” .. this administration, particularly Secretary Kerry and Vice President Biden and President Obama, have all expended significant time and energy and resources to facilitating conversations between the Israelis and Palestinians to find a two-state solution. That is a policy that American Presidents in both parties have pursued, and none have pursued it more aggressively than this administration.” Earnest noted.

Earnest went on to describe the “frustration” Biden was feeling but also the importance the administration placed on the negotiations.

“So resolving this question is not just a wished-for legacy item of the administration. It is a position that we take and advocate for because of our sincere concern for the national security of our closest ally in the Middle East, Israel. That’s what we’re focused on. And the inability to make that progress is frustrating. And that’s what Vice President Biden was giving voice to yesterday.”

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