Trump Gains Seven Points in New York State, But Will Still Lose

The walls appear to be closing in on the Clinton dynasty of the last 24-years. Although the FBI said Sunday that Hillary will not face charges over the revelations retrieved from Anthony Wiener’s computer, it appears the political damage is not far from voters’ minds in the last two days of the campaign.

In a major blow to Hillary’s chances, Donald Trump was able to trim Hillary Clinton’s huge New York lead by seven points, but a 17-point edge makes it likely Clinton carries the home state of both major party candidates, according to the latest Siena College poll Sunday.

Trump will not win New York, but the mere thought of a Democratic presidential nominee losing seven full points from her 24-point margin is not good news for her chances in much closer races that traditionally go Democrat.

Hillary Clinton’s large lead, which was 24 points a month ago, is carried by a 47-point advantage in New York City, according to the Albany News on Sunday. That is to be expected from what has been a Democratic stronghold forever.

trump gains seven points in new york state but will still lose.
Trump gains seven points in New York State but will still lose.

Here are the state-wide poll numbers:

  • Democrat Clinton 51 percent.
  • Republican Trump 34 percent.
  • Libertarian Gary Johnson 5 percent.
  • Green Party Jill Stein 2 percent.

New York has been a blue state, favoring Democrats, on the strength of the New York City voters. It is no surprise that Senate incumbent Charles Schumer is overwhelming the Republican’s latest scapegoat GOP challenge Wendy Long 67-25 in the poll. Wendy must have accepted that underdog role for statewide name recognition. It certainly wasn’t to boost her ego. [New York Daily News]

Siena College pollster Steven Greenberg told the Times Union, “Schumer has the support of 86 percent of Democrats, 55 percent of independents and even 42 percent of Republicans. When a Democrat has the support of 42 percent of Republicans, do I need to say anything more?”

Therein lays a loaded question. But it only states the obvious.

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